Juan Pardo destroys the GGPoker tables in the first weekend of 2021

By Ucatchers

The man from Malaga has prizes worth $ 225,000 in the first three days of the year and he only had to win a tournament on Sunday to reach perfection. Ivars clicks on PS.

New year, the same old life (Winamax)

New year, life as always (Winamax)

There are things that a mere dozen chimes will not change.

For regs of GGPoker, one of those immutable truths is that if Juan Pardo Sign up for your tournament, your EV just dropped a few points.

Like the vast majority of players, “Malaka” took off on the 30th and 31st, but on the first day of 2021 he was already giving the call at 2:00 p.m. Leftovers from dinner and work; without desktop or anything.

In his second tournament, the WSOPC daily $ 400 Forty Stack, he again savored the honeys of a final table and was 4th ($ 4,617). To complete the warm-up, he later successfully reverted to his most personal tactic, the special “Malaka”, being the first eliminated but at the same time the champion in the Blade Mulligan, leading to a brutal series of results that have added to his 2021 prize balance in excess of $ 225,000. These are the ones that exceeded $ 5,000.

  • January 1st. WSOPC High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Mulligan win ($ 29,440, 38 entries).
  • January 2nd. WSOPC High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Prime win ($ 39,061, 63 entries).
  • January 2nd. 2nd at the WSOPC $ 300 Triple Chance ($ 9,426, 222 entries).
  • January 3. 4th in the High Rollers Marathon $ 840 ($ 17,973, 254 entries).
  • January 3. 4th at the WSOPC High Rollers $ 5,000 Sunday 500K ($ 61,194, 130 entries).
  • January 3. 2nd at the WSOPC High Rollers $ 2,500 Blade Mulligan ($ 51,146, 100 entries).

It is impossible to replicate such numbers for any of his fellow exiles, but there have been reasons to make at least one extra mention in this monograph on Malacca poker.

Is about Pedro Ivars “NutsinMacadá”, which has been the author of the best result in the other great international poker room, PokerStars.

As in Spain, in the room “.com” they are in full swing of a tournament festival, the Blowout Series. 45 tournaments have been played, and there are already very clear clues as to where the shots will go in 2021.

Brazil dominates the medal table with 13 golds, in addition to obtaining an impressive triplet on the podium of the New Year Bash 2M $, the $ 11 tournament that brings the first record to be broken in the next twelve months, 219,967 registrations!

Seconds are Netherlands, become a preferred destination for European regs since the country’s courts withdrew from the Dutch treasury the right to collect taxes from poker players.

We already know that Spain will not count in the classification, and that the possible triumphs of ours will swell the account of other countries. Pedro, who is the one who has been closest to a second place and a deal in the final HU of the Blowout Series 20-H $ 1,050 Deep Stacks, plays for Malta.

Of course, a Brazilian, “WizardOffAz”, took the victory from his hands, but the difference was minimal in what was truly important, the final check of $ 36,782 that Ivars took.

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