Juan Pardo could not miss the last date of the year in the GGPoker Super Million $

By Ucatchers

The malagueño is the chipleader of a final table that has 433K $ reserved for the last champion of 2020.

GGPoker Super Million $ FT

GGPoker Super Million $ FT

The show that edits GGPoker every Wednesday on the resolution of his star tournament, the High Rollers Super Million $ 10K $ 2M $ gtd., reaches its 29th chapter, which according to the calendar will be the last in 2020.

The Super Million $ has come a long way since its inception. Spanish players played a very prominent role in establishing this tournament as the benchmark High Roller in online poker. Vicent Boscá won it once, and Sergi Reixach, Adrián Mateos, Jeús Cortés and Juan Pardo have gone through the show on several occasions.

The tournament’s huge growth in popularity and the prolonged absence of several of our best players have kept ours out of the FT in the most recent episodes, but we deserved to say goodbye to 2020 with some prominence.

The tribute to La Roja looks very good, well we have “Malaka $ tyle” as chipleader and big favorite of the game. Bettors think that Juan should win at least four out of 10 tournaments with the tremendous advantage he brings from the previous one, and he has in his hand to improve the third place that he obtained in his previous presence in the show, which dates from July 5.

The villains in the movie are Guillaume Nolet, Artur Martirosian – both ex-tournament champions and with multiple final tables- and Niklas Astedt, which by now seems like a software bug, which never deletes its name from the final table. The Swede has seven, seven final tables !, all obtained in this quarter, if the scores do not fail us.

For those looking for a possible surprise, a mythical of the high stakes awaits the double that will put him in the tournament. If you don’t know the name of the EPT champion Ronny kaiser is that you missed one of the most exciting eras in online poker, a decade ago. The Swiss called himself “ronnyr37617” on Full Tilt Poker, where he was one of the regular dance partners for “Isildur1” or “durrrr.”

wow, an anonymous who had never shown interest in this tournament, surprised everyone by coming back from ninth place to end up winning the tournament.

In the presentation, the creator of the show’s infographic decided to assign him the label of “closer”, a player who knows how to close games. “Wow” is more than used to winning tournaments at GGPoker, we just haven’t seen him more regularly around here because this is only his third buy-in to the tournament. The price must be what has kept him on the sidelines until now, because the Aztec flag bearer had never won a tournament with more than $ 36,000 first prize, but so you can see how this account works, with yesterday’s prize exceeds $ 2,000,000 in prizes in the room.

Juan was bleeding us very, very slowly. Unfortunately, the eliminations took a long time to arrive in this edition, and although the Spanish remained in high positions for almost three hours, which in other weeks would be the total duration of the FT, in this the resistance demonstration only took us until the fourth place.

  1. wow $ 432,668
  2. Artur Martirosian $ 333,632
  3. bombok032 $ 257,256
  4. Juan Pardo $ 198,379
  5. Down2Muck $ 152,971
  6. Niklas Astedt $ 117,967
  7. Guillaume Nolet $ 90,957
  8. Kyle Menard $ 70,138
  9. Ronny Kaiser $ 54,084

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