Juan Pardo at the Caribbean Poker Party

By Ucatchers

Juan is the chip leader of the CPP High Roller, with 7 surviving players. Apart from bowling, yesterday he starred in two great duels against Canadian François Billard at GGPoker.

Juan Pardo [Foto: Joe Giron-PokerNews]

Juan Pardo [Foto: Joe Giron-PokerNews]

Juan Pardo it was yesterday great spanish protagonist of the MTTs online day on open platforms.

From its results, we have to rescue the bolón what will you have this next night in the Caribbean Poker Party # 09 High Roller: $ 1M Gtd. from PartyPoker.com. The Spanish player has passed to the final Day 2 as chip leader outstanding of the last 7 survivors.

The tournament has had a field of 111 registrations and a prize pool of $ 1,110,000. Juan already has $ 41,820.36 insured, but he is the favorite to take the $ 277,268.01 reserved for the winner of the tournament.

These are the stacks of the 7 players who are still alive:

  1. Juan Pardo (Spain): 37,997,337 points.
  2. Jonathan van Fleet (USA): 26,366,612.
  3. Pascal Lafrancois (Canada): 15,432,164.
  4. Mark Radoja (Canada): 15.102.844.
  5. Giuseppe Iadisernia (Venezuela): 8,874,423.
  6. Erik Bauer (Netherlands) 3,925,364.
  7. Rok Gostisa (Russia): 3,301,256.

And these are the prizes to which they choose:

  1. $ 277,268.01.
  2. $ 184,736.19.
  3. $ 128,963.13.
  4. $ 88,852.17.
  5. $ 65,555.49.
  6. $ 51,638.31.
  7. $ 41,820.36.

On the other hand, Juan yesterday maintained a tremendous duel against Canadian François Billard at GGPoker.

Malaka ”won the High Rollers Marathon $ 840, $ 75k Gtd. at GGPoker. The man from Malaga won a prize of $ 22,269.34, after beating the aforementioned Billard in the HU ($ 16,939.94). The tournament had a field of 127 records and a prize pool of $ 101,600.

The same heads-up protagonists played another one against one final. It was in the High Rollers Blade Prime $ 5.25k, $ 100k Gtd. On this occasion, the victory went to Billard ($ 62,700.01), leaving Juan in the 2nd Market Stall ($ 37,928.44). The tournament had a 24-inning field and a $ 120,000 pot.

Finally, Juan also played at PokerStars.com. Ended 3rd ($ 8,390.95) at HRC: $ 1.05k Super Tuesday [8-Max], $ 30k Gtd.

Adrian Mateos he also hit a few interesting pecks. In GGPoker, “Amadi” ended 3rd ($ 14,123.07) at High Rollers Bounty Six Shooter $ 1.26k, $ 40k Gtd. Y 4th ($ 9,972.93) at High Rollers Main Event $ 1.05k, $ 75k Gtd. And in PokerStars.com, it was 6th ($ 3,412.90) at HRC: $ 530 Bounty Builder HR [8-Max, PKO], $ 100k Gtd.

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