Juan Pardo and AnsuFati31 stand out in a day with multiple balls to the stick in the Bounty Builder HR

By Ucatchers

The Galician player was the first to see his lead diluted outside of FT in Sunday’s tournament. Monday’s edition had 4 Spaniards in the top 15.

AnsuFati31 wants to win in Asia

AnsuFati31 wants to win in Asia

The jinx that has been primed tonight with the Spanish players in the daily Pokerstars tournamentBounty Builder HR 530 $ it’s amazing.

The second session of the Sunday edition, of two days and $ 500,000 guaranteed; it ended up coinciding with Monday’s, with an initial allocation of $ 125,000. The two events started in parallel at 6:30 p.m., and for a good part of the night and until dawn, they had an absolute role on the part of the Spanish players.

Sunday’s tournament had 52 players, all of them led by Juan Pardo “Malaka $ tyle”.

“NutsInMacadá” (49th, $ 2,769) and “danipesis” (39th, $ 1,585) they lost contact with the group very soon, but Roi Pereira “roikeloo” He was still attentive to cover any confusion in the head. The Galician had to take over from Juan when he fell in the 23rd position with the eighth best elimination loot of the entire tournament ($ 5,966). Roi continued his voyage until reach the final table, but he could not put up much resistance to the victory of the British “Grazza”, as he was out of the game in 8th place ($ 9,919).

The chances of victory for the Red were multiplied in the tournament that began on Monday. Two tables from the end, four of our representatives were still alive, some of our best records in the room.

Two were left out before the final table and the other two endured attacks from regs such as “Fold Machii” and “IneedMassari”, but were far from the Portuguese Joao Vieira “Naza114”, who was the one who stayed the tournament.

Those who stayed without seeing lights were “NutsInMacadá” (14th, $ 2,450) and “deivid29” (10th, $ 2,237).

“Amadi_017” was eliminated in sixth position after being the second highest executioner of the tournament ($ 6,898) and “tua133” beat him by one place (5th, $ 4,507).

A similar story, but with a slightly less grim ending, was repeated at GGPoker, where hectic activity by Hispanics continues.

Several opportunities were given for ours to take a victory, but this did not come either. Yes indeed, Juan Pardo had a much better run in the High Rollers Blade Bounty King $ 3,150 than in Bounty Builder.

In the most expensive tournament of your session, Juan stood heads-up (2nd, $ 22,064), but ended up defeated by the Russian Aleksei Barkov.

But the best of the day is the hope that the nearest future gives us, so close that it will begin to be resolved tonight.

Juan has 13.5 bb to defend in the $ 1,050 High Rollers Main Event, where there are 33 players and three eliminations left for the mini box, and better yet, “AnsuFati31” has the prize, a great prize, secured at the final table of the Main Event of the Asia Poker League online festival.

The game has been postponed until the 27th. T. Bosch is sixth with a playable 40bb stack. Already have in your pocket $ 22,131 and can prepare for a tough fight with a very ambitious goal, the $ 221,315 first prize. He faces a squad of Germans under the Austrian flag led by Christian Rudolph, but until proven otherwise, the most dangerous of all his rivals is the Argentine, “Kammystyyle”, who has a remarkable stack of chips above the rest.

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