Joseph Hebert wins the Domestic Main Event and will play against Salas for unification

By Ucatchers

It took the FT chipleader just four hours to clear the Rio’s tournament hall, reopened for the occasion 17 months after the last WSOP visit.

Pasta bricks, scarcer than other years

Pasta bricks, scarcer than other years

Last morning the Rio returned to serve as the WSOP venue, 17 months later, to host the final table of the World Series Domestic Main Event.

As in the international phase, which ended with a final table played live at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, the coronavirus had a direct impact on the outcome. Upeshka De Silva, Eighth provisional classified, he was disqualified and relegated to ninth place for testing positive prior to the final.

The other eight candidates did reach the Las Vegas casino in a timely manner, and although their stay was much shorter than expected, in this case the pandemic had nothing to do with it.

The culprits were, in tandem, the blinds so high with which they reached the final – it started at the $ 75k / $ 150k level – and Joseph Hebert, who had a huge advantage after scoring all but one eliminations in the last two tables of the online phase.

The first elimination came without having finished the first orbit. The favorite of the general public did not last long, which in the absence of the three-time champion De Silva became the financier Gershon Distenfeld. This player takes the qualifier of recreational to the letter. Poker is just entertainment for him, and to prove it, promised to donate 100% of his net winnings from the tournament to NGOs chosen by his relatives. Distenfeld tried to eliminate Dobin with stct, but they weren’t enough to beat hq:: qd. In the next hand they served him a second serving of checkers, after 3betting ckcj against Jenkins.

Cannon took command of trading until the blinds went up for the first time. The BB went on to cost 200,000 points and many people had to go to push or fold. The bigstacks could not find a hand to defend themselves, and Hebert lost points during a level that did not claim new victims.

The ladies again wreaked havoc on hand 61. Jenkins called with them Shawn Stroke’s direct 4bb push and Dobin’s subsequent 3bet push, which had him covered by another 4bb. Stroke was almost doomed to seventh place with s3d3, but Dobin wore he hassk. The ladies held on, and a couple of hands later, Hebert completed the double elimination by robbing the rest of Dobin.

Yuan stayed as a shortstack and he had to be the next to go through the mincer. Hebert paid him a blind war with a couple and took the flip.

Hagerty was unlucky. He had a near-made double against Cannon, AK against AQ, but the dealer unfolded a straight at the table. The next time they paid him a push, his ace was dominated, and they didn’t throw the life preserver on him. Hagarty didn’t know, but he was only going to miss seven Main Event hands.

Hebert took the next four pots, let Cannon and Jenkins see a flop, and then charged again on the next hand. Cannon decided that ckdq It was a play with good equity to try to stop him, but right there, Hebert was opening aces.

Qualifiers were given 15 minutes of rest for the final heads-up. Previous work they did Joseph Hebert and Ron Jenkins Looking ahead to this moment, it was time wasted, because the deck decided for them. In the first heads-up hand, Hebert received ACsq; Jenkins dqcq. The ace appeared in the window to blow up the immaculate record of the ladies in this FT and to give the victory to the one who was chipleader during the 98 hands that the game lasted.

It was a very emotionally charged moment for Hebert.

This past summer, Hebert wrote his mother a message on his cell phone that, by chance of fate, had to do with the WSOP: “I hope I can win a bracelet one day. It’s my dream, and I don’t know how many more chances I’ll have. “. His mother replied: “I am still hopeful that it will be like this, and I pray for you. Things will work out.” Three days later, Linda, Hebert’s mother, suffered a pulmonary embolism that caused his death, without being able to exchange another word.

Hebert will have to wipe away the tears and prepare for another very important date. Heads-up against the International Main Event champion Damián Salas.

The WSOP has arranged $ 1,000,000 extra for the unification winner, who will go down in history as the WSOP 2020 Main Event champion. By the hair, because the game is scheduled for the 30th, next Wednesday.

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