Javier Fernández que_te_crio wins the HRC Bounty Builder HR from PokerStars .com

By Ucatchers

The Spaniards have been winning this tournament for two days in a row (since PeroQmaloSoy won it on Tuesday). Swede WhatIfGod won the EPT Main Event ($ 1.01m prize pool).

Javi Fernández que_te_crio

Javi Fernandez que_te_crio

Javier Fernández “que_te_crio” was the Spanish protagonist of the MTTs day of PokerStars.com.

While the final table of the EPT Online Main Event was being played in the red spade room, Javi is fighting in the High Roller Club: $ 530 Bounty Builder HR [8-Max, PKO], $ 125k Gtd. From his British residence, he seized the victory and with a total prize of $ 24,707.97, after defeating Lebanese “assalbi” ($ 16,575.06) in the HU. The tournament had a field of 172 entries (137 unique players) and a prize pool of $ 125,000 (guaranteed).

Que_te_crio's victory in the HRC Bounty Builder HR

Javi’s is the second consecutive Spanish victory in this tournament, as Tuesday night he won it another of our regs, “But I am”.

TakiToRivers”Also got a win last night. It was in the $ 22 Mini Triple Threat [3-Max, Turbo, PKO, Zoom], $ 15k Gtd. He won a total prize pool of $ 2,814.72.

Apart from the performance of the Spaniards, yesterday, the spotlights of the red spade room pointed towards the EPT Online Main Event. The final was played Day 4 of the EPT Online 16: $ 5.2k NLHE [8-Max, Main Event], $ 5M Gtd. The victory it was for him SwedishWhatIfGod”, Who won an award from $ 1,019,082, after defeating the Canadian reg in the HU Timothy Adams “Tim0thee” ($ 728,633). The tournament had a field of 1,304 registrations (924 unique players) and a prize pool of $ 6,520,000.

WhatIfGod, EPT Online ME Winner [Foto: PokerNews]

These are the awards that the components of the final table:

  1. WhatIfGod (Sweden): $ 1,019,082.
  2. Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams (Canada): $ 728,633.
  3. David “MissOracle” Yan (New Zealand): $ 520,966.
  4. “Tikidiii” (Finland): $ 372,485.
  5. Viacheslav “VbV1990” Buldygin (Russia): $ 266,323.
  6. Enio “Bozzano JNR” Bozzano (Brazil): $ 190,419.
  7. Andreas “daskalos20” Christoforou (Cyprus): $ 136,147.
  8. Jon “apestyles” van Fleet (USA): $ 97,344.
  9. “Vip25459” (Kazakhstan): $ 78,797.

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