Inter, in the rebranding campaign there is also space for exports

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Inter EsportsPhoto by: Inter Milan.

Inter have launched a new visual identity. Between past and present, in the advertising campaign there is also space for export with Levy “Levy” Frederique. The Inter Esports player is the protagonist together with other icons of the Nerazzurri world.

A period of strong change. We could summarize the last days at home like this Inter. The Nerazzurri club, in fact, has decided to implement a complete rebranding. With a more minimal logo that focuses on stylized letters “I” and “M” up to the name. That Inter Milan with which the Beloved is known above all abroad.

Between those who have decided to turn up their noses and those who have appreciated this step towards the future, the communication campaign to launch this new visual identity has seen numerous exceptional testimonials take the field. From Romelu Lukaku to Lautaro Martinez as symbols of the current Nerazzurri course, up to legends of the past such as Marco Materazzi is Javier Zanetti. In between, there is also space for sports champions such as Marco Belinelli. To steal the eye of esports enthusiasts, however, is the presence of Levy “Levy” Frederique. The Dutch player, Inter Esports player, is present both in the presentation video and on the social posts with which the company of president Steven Zhang is relaunching its brand.

IM Future
IM Pro
IM Tomorrow
IM Next #IMInter ⚫️🔵

– Inter (@Inter) April 1, 2021

A good sign for the entire movement, which is finally leading the big clubs to give the right importance to the sector. The esports, in fact, they seem to have become fundamental to shorten the distance with Generation Z. Relying on a video game and its protagonists to convey a message, today, is much easier if our target is the youngest. Inter have understood this and it is not the first time that they have tried to give space to electronic sports professionals.

Among the characters chosen in the advertising campaign Not for Everyone in fact, in 2019 there was room for Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone. Successful entrepreneur today, export legend in the past, Stermy was the first to break this invisible barrier that divided the virtual world from the real one. A not indifferent undertaking if you think that the export and more generally the gaming phenomenon exploded in the eyes of the general public during the pandemic. The constant, therefore, is represented by the Nerazzurri colors. In recent years, always attentive to the evolution of entertainment and competition.

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