Infamous vs Thunder Predator – Dota 2 Prediction

By Ucatchers

Infamous vs Thunder Predator (DPC OGA – SA Div 1)
Pick: Infamous + 1.5 vs Thunder Predator (Win a map)
Share: @ 2.00 (Bet365)
Stake: 3/10
Date: Friday April 17, 2021, 00:00 PM CET
Condition: Open

  • (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

Infamous vs Thunder Predator

Let’s go with the +1.5 of Infamous vs Thunder predator, with this Infamous handicap you will get a map.

First of all, this quota is too top for the level that Thunder presents in SA and only because he has done a good job in the Major. The quota is through the roof when it should not be simply because of the level they gave in a Major.

Infamous has returned with the roster of glory where he was the strongest next to BC in the LAN and Online SA tournamentsIt’s a very solid roster. Their positions 1,2 and 3 are very strong and they have a good understanding with their supports, this means that the game is going to be too close.

On the other hand, TP who comes from doing a fool in a good way in the Major, but this is because the teams had not studied it, always letting their insignia heroes pass and leaving the games on a platter.

But in SA Infamous and Thunder Predator they know each other perfectly and Infamous has always been far superior, it is more always he beat them with his previous roster that was inferior to the one of now.

What’s more kxy he is a good mid player who is always supported by his position 4 and 5 making leostyle forced to leave the line or simply take longer to rotate and farm.

On the other side, we have Ángel who is on a par with MNZ, but in my opinion ANGEL is a little more than MNZ due to many factors that Infamous will know how to exploit well.

If you ask me about his simple win, for me @ 4.3 is very good as for a game like this.

Here you can see Infamous Good luck!

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