In Game Advertising: Riot promotes esports “inside” Valorant

By Ucatchers

Riot Games is starting to promote Valorant’s eSports competitions within the game itself acquiring a new tool to amplify and give more prominence to the events of the tactical shooter. The Valorant ecosystem is constantly growing e its viewership and enthusiast metrics are only growing.

Starting today, Riot will post an in-game advertisement to promote his Valorant Masters, including the Valorant Champions Tour tournament, in different locations on the five shooter maps. The banners will be visible to anyone who plays globally. Although the exact numbers are not yet known, Valorant has a user base that now totals tens of millions of people after debuting last year.

An image showing one of the banners was captured during an influencer’s beta test and leaked to Twitter over the past weekend. In the tweet of the founder of 404Haven ed former LA coach Valiant Henry “Cuddles” Coxall a detail of the Bind map is clearly visible with an advertising poster promoting Valorant’s next eSporting event. Riot then confirmed his plans on Monday during an interview.

“Finding new ways to celebrate and recognize our commitment to esports within Valorant it was one of our team’s top priorities, ”said Kasra Jafroodi, head of Valorant’s esports strategy. “This is a first step exciting to raise awareness of tentpole VCT competitions by millions of Valorant players around the world. Rest assured that we will continue to explore ways to create a unified experience between gaming and eSport in the future ”.

This is another Riot Games step for continue to take in-game marketing and advertising to the next level by leveraging fully its eSports ecosystem. This new strategy should help make Valorant’s growing eSports efforts known to the game’s massive growing user base. The move is based on the fact that the Los Angeles-based publisher has introduced in-game advertising at its League of Legends Esports events last year. In practice it was possible to admire the logo of Mastercard or Mercedes (Worlds sponsor) on various banners on the game map; visible to spectators, not players. The plan is certainly of implement the same thing in Valorant which with its urban look is full of walls, billboards and buildings that can host an advertisement.

ESM 700 × 150 APP banner .

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