Ilyas Muradi multiplies his live prizes by 1,000 by winning the WPT SHR Lucky Hearts PO

By Ucatchers

The WPT announced its return to Las Vegas with two visits to the Venetian, a Deepstacks event that begins immediately and the WPT Venetian in the first week of March.

We are not going to keep Muradi's face.  WPT

We are not going to keep Muradi’s face. WPT

He World Poker Tour has uploaded to Flickr a photograph of a new champion of its main circuit, eleven months after the last one, the one taken at the end of February from Christopher Pütz at the King’s Casino, where the WPT Germany was played.

The lucky one is a completely amateur player, Ilyas Muradi, that before seeing his life change with the first prize of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open he could only boast $ 7,000 in prizes on the circuit.

Muradi started the final table in second place from seven players, all remaining from the initial field of 1,573.

The impression of the original classification has rarely been so misleading.

At the regular final tables in the WPT, if televised, there will be room for six players. Whoever had run out of a place in that hypothetical broadcast would have been Andy Hwang, the only member of the Champions Club present at the game. His initial 85bb turned out to be blank ammunition, and proved useless even to win a prize jump.

Chipleader Margaglione was the one who tipped Hwang on a 13bb effective stack flip. The rest of the points lost along the way he kept Ronnie Bardah, who also scored the elimination of Tsz Shing and Jesse Lonis.

Margaglione was not worth the initial lead either. He was next on the list. Since the first elimination, he did not win an all-in again. He doubled over several players and all his capital vanished along the way. Although Bardah remained the official executioner of the FT, a change of leadership had already taken place. It was in a hand that marked the evolution of the tournament. Muradi’s aces were favorites, but they had to dodge clubs in two fairways before taking the pot of 22M points, 86bb of the level.


– World Poker Tour (@WPT) January 27, 2021

The tournament had been aiming for a Bardah-Muradi duel for a while, who had 25M per head (85bb), but Robel Andemichael and his 47bb were not very in line with their role in that play. The blind raises minimized the distances, and three levels later, Bardah was eliminated in third position by Andemichael, which was taking advantage of the HU.

The title contenders lacked experience, so they widened the push or fold zone to maximize fold equity and limit errors. What they did not expand in turn was the call range, and thus there were various levels of give and take that were more favorable to Muradi. In the first setup that was given, a 15bb push from Andemichael with givesd6 and a call from Muradi with d4h4, the tournament came to an end, because of a black card table and no aces.

  1. Ilyas Muradi $ 809,515
  2. Robel Andemichael $ 529,690
  3. Ronnie Bardah $ 392,430
  4. Francis Margaglione $ 293,510
  5. Jesse Lonis $ 223,895
  6. Tsz Shing $ 168,990
  7. Andy Hwang $ 115,630

It will not be 24 hours before the name of the successor is known, The FT of the WPT Montreal Online is now ready at partypoker.

The next live tournament would be the WPT Sochi, but the dates are not yet confirmed on the official website three weeks after its hypothetical start. If not, the tour will jump to WPT Venetian which is just scheduled for March 5 onwards.

This stop, signed with the new Sands management, marks the return of live poker to Las Vegas. If nothing changes in this remaining month, cards will be thrown in a new tournament in Las Vegas before the final three tables that have remained in limbo since the beginning of last year. Worse still, if we count the secondary circuit, the WPT Deepstacks, the time margin to avoid the paradox is non-existent, since there is an event also planned in the Venetian for this coming weekend.

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