Illinois has record gambling handling, but revenue falls

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The Illinois sports betting industry achieved a December record of $ 491.7 million, which is 9% from November, although many facilities remained closed during that time.

Since many casinos in the state had to stay closed for the month, retail gambling revenue came in at just $ 97,915. The retail price was just $ 182,701, but most of it came from bets placed before the casinos were ordered to close in November.

The DraftKings bookmaker at Casino Queen in East St. Louis generated the highest revenue at $ 106,254. Meanwhile, the Rush Street Interactive sportsbook at Rovers Casino Des Plaines lost money during the reported month.

Online revenue reached $ 23.8 million in December, showing a 40% drop compared to the previous month. Online players placed bets worth $ 487.3 million, an increase of 12.4%, as players won many more from their bets online.

DraftKings revenue was followed by FanDuel with $ 7.1 million, forming a close three-way career with Rush Street Interactive, which generated $ 6.8 million in income.

Online gambling generates higher income

Online gaming and sports betting generated the most revenue and it is no wonder given closing of the state’s physical casinos. Even after opening, many of them had to operate at only half capacity.

These are the perfect conditions for the evolution of online gambling, which brought in $ 23.9 million in total revenue. FanDuel was also first in overall revenue with $ 7.1 million, while DraftKings came very close with $ 7 million, while RSI raised $ 6.8 million.

Licensed operators in the state had to pay a combined $ 3.8 million in taxes. The three main operators together paid more than $ 1.1 million each. Of this total, $ 3.6 million was paid based on the state’s 15% base tax rate, while the remaining $ 242,656 came from an additional 2% tax on wagers placed in Cook County, which includes Chicago.

Betting on the final results, classified as “Level 1” bets, accounted for slightly more than half of the state’s betting handling at $ 251.4 million and generated $ 12.1 million in revenue. The remaining $ 240.3 million in handling and $ 11.8 million in revenue came from “Level 2” bets, such as proposal bets and total points.

Meanwhile, professional sports betting They accounted for the majority of the state’s control at $ 321 million, which turns into $ 15 million in revenue. Players bet $ 165.9 million on college sports, and casinos took $ 8.6 million, while $ 26,507 was wagered on motorsports, generating revenue of $ 6,404.

Parlay gambling generated more revenue than any other sport at $ 5.4 million, ahead of soccer’s $ 4.9 million. However, football was the one more handled, with $ 204.4 million.

While Illinois notices declining earnings, Pennsylvania announced another record income. The state is seeing higher revenues every month. If things go like this, you will see the projected amount of nearly $ 6 billion by the end of 2021.

Source: “Illinois Gambling Revenue Fall Despite December Record Breaking”, IGB North America, February 17, 2021

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