IIDEA x Riot Games: Italy increasingly international

By Ucatchers

The latest entry into IIDEA is one of those that matter a little more, in terms of specific weight possessed in the gaming and esports industry. The trade association of publishers, independent developers and the esports sector, born as AESVI and recently evolved into IIDEA, today welcomes among its members also Riot Games, an internationally renowned publisher known mainly for League of Legends and its new flagship titles, such as VALORANT.

The new entry confirms on the one hand the greater global vocation of IIDEA, operating in the 360 ​​° video game industry, as well as Riot Games’ interest in getting to know the Italian market and its players better. The collaboration will undoubtedly lead to a more direct connection between publishers, tournament organizers and teams, but also the possibility for developers to be able to interface with such an important reality in the gaming landscape.

Founded in 2006, it rose to fame in 2009 with the launch of League of Legends, which in just a few years became the flagship esports of the decade of competitive gaming. With the celebrations of the ten years of the life of the League, the new titles have arrived that have given meaning to the final “s”: VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics, plus more to come soon.

“We are proud and excited to welcome Riot Games to our members”, he has declared Marco Saletta, President of IIDEA. “This new membership represents not only an important recognition for the Association at an international level, but it gives us the opportunity to enrich our work with the experience and vision of a major player in our industry. We can’t wait to start working together for a new phase of growth in the sector in Italy ”.

Carlo Barone of the same opinion, Italy Brand Manager for Riot Games: “Joining IIDEA is for Riot Games not only a signal to the Italian market of the renewed interest and focus, but also represents the desire to be at the forefront to tackle together the problems that still hold it back, especially in the esports field, but not only that, and help its 360-degree development within our possibilities. We are therefore more than happy with this step, knowing well the professionalism and dedication that has always characterized the IIDEA team. “

Although Riot Games is a full-fledged videogame publisher, it is clear that the expectations of many look more to the esports side: its entry could help the Italian scene to grow and mature with the presence of one of the most important international players.

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