IIDEA launches the fifth census of Italian game developers

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Iidea, the association that groups together Italian video game publishers and developers, today launched a questionnaire useful for participating in the fifth census of Italian game developers. The goal is to find answers to a number of questions that can help create the big picture for the sector today, exactly one year after the start of the pandemic. It is accessed via a link, with the deadline for participation being set at 28 March.

How many companies operate in the sector today and where are they distributed?
How many are employed in the sector? How has this industry grown in recent years, net of the difficulties that emerged during the pandemic and lockdown period? These are the main questions of what the fifth census of Italian game developers. A survey addressed to companies, individual firms and freelancers, and designed to paint a new e
updated fresco on the national videogame industry and tell the evolution of Italian videogame development studies and the trends that currently characterize the sector.

Research it will not only provide quantitative information on the industry, but also qualitative: for the first time, in fact, the Association has entered into a partnership with Idg Consulting, a research and consultancy company known internationally, with the aim of providing a complete picture of the potential offered by the made in Italy of video games. Strengths, competitiveness, attractiveness for investments, main case studies and global impact are some of the important issues that will emerge in the survey, an all-round overview whose objective is to provide both nationally and international operators in the videogame sector with a detailed picture of how Italy is growing in this sector and wants to become competitive in the world.

Iidea’s invitation is obviously addressed to all development studies to answer the questionnaire and help the Association to outline a more precise overview of the national industry. To do this, simply connect by clicking on the following button:

IIDEA census

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