If a minister opens his Twitch channel talking about esports

By Ucatchers

Almost five hundred people (and some trolls) were able to witness a historic event live yesterday, March 7th. New Youth Policy Minister Fabiana Dadone has inaugurated her Twitch channel (and this may already be news), but he did it by talking about esports. Yes, it sounds incredible right? Yet it is true, the minister inaugurated her channel by inviting no less than that Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti, the new world champion of StarCraft 2.

Many topics were touched upon, from what it means to be a pro player to the relationship between videogame activity and school career, with the minister who for a good half hour showed you were really interested in Reynor’s activity, his character and the world of competitive video games in general. Interested and avant-garde compared to the politicians we are used to meeting on the Italian scene, despite the fact that at one point she herself defined herself as vintage.

She liked Reynor’s parallel between StarCraft 2 and chess, and then asked the young champion why, according to him, esports is still not a sport, unlike what happens in other countries of the world (“there are still too many prejudices,” he said). Here Dadone herself underlined the importance of an activity like the export one to develop the so-called lateral thinking, to learn strategic skills, develop problem solving skills and stress management.

The minister’s goal was certainly to reach the younger generations, but beyond this she has shown that she knows how to get along very well both with a relatively new social network (at least for politics) like Twitch, and with the theme of competitive video games. No prejudice emerged on the part of the government representative, far from it, the minister has shown that she knows the subject and at least prepared to have a chat with one of the best-known Italian players. A light tone, between the serious and the facetious, maintained even when the minister asked the young Qlash champion what advice he would give to politics and, in particular, to the Minister of Youth Policies. For the record, Reynor said it would be enough for young people to be questioned.

The minister assured that she will also bring knowledge of the esports phenomenon to the rest of her government colleagues, promising not only to return to the subject via his Twitch channel, but also to bring forward an instance of recognition of competitive video games, “a category often underestimated but which I think deserves attention”.

A minister on #Twitch? That’s right!
Tomorrow I inaugurate my channel, a new way to communicate with young people, starting with a chat with @ Reynor02, #gamer and world champion of # StarCraft2.
I wait for you here ➡️https: //t.co/b6edxl2SpG pic.twitter.com/3hHI3deRNq

– Fabiana Dadone (@DadoneFabiana) March 6, 2021

Minister Dadone he has repeatedly spoken in Reynor’s activity as a real sport, saying she is sorry that an activity like that of the young player does not yet have the prominence it deserves. So much so that in closing he promised Reynor that as soon as the country gets out of this situation, he will invite him to Rome to get to know him personally and present him to the institutions.

One could also speculate on the fact that the chat took place with a minister without a wallet (therefore much less influential than others), or on the fact that who knows if what we saw yesterday would have happened anyway if Reynor had not won and had not ended up on the pages of the generalist press, but what matters is that for the first time in Italy a minister of the Republic spoke about esports, and above all, he spoke well of it.

The hope is that this is a start, and not a spot bet. Surely having chosen the theme of the competitive video game to launch her Twitch channel is a sign of courage on the part of the young minister, but also a sign that the competitive video game has reached its main stream dimension, an important news story, which has grown in parallel with the dignity of many who daily dedicate passion and sweat from this sector.

I defined yesterday as an important, historic date, and I think I have not exaggerated. The movements that the export sector has aroused in recent months in Italy have been evident: from the interest of many sponsor companies to the fundamental one that has led many sports clubs to invest in competitive video games, without forgetting Coni, which in the meantime has pursued a path that should soon lead to the birth of the first Italian esports federation.

An important element was still missing, and that was politics. It is said that a swallow does not make a spring, but a light and sincere approach of interest such as the one the minister demonstrated yesterday gives us hope for a change of course. As always, time will give the right answer, but at the moment we are recording an event that, until yesterday, no one would have expected. A half hour (for now nothing more) that has pleasantly surprised.

Ah, yes, there was also the appearance of some trolls. Even yesterday someone was unable to curb their frustration. It would be worth mentioning Dante, who would have said “let’s not think about them, but look and pass”. I report it just as a news item, noting the fact that in addition to politics, perhaps there is even more than one missing piece. It is a general problem of everything that happens on the net, one more reason for the moderators to proceed, next time, with a quick pitiful ban.

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