How to Play Live Poker

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How to Play Live Poker

If you know the poker rules and are familiar with the concept of how to bet in poker, may be you want to try your luck by enjoying a different variation from the regular poker table. You’ll see that Live Poker is not the same than the regular version of  this famous card game. For this purpose, we are going to provide some tips that you should follow to enjoy the experience at a higher level.

Your Post

When you decide to take part of a tournament, you need to sign in to participate. Before the tournament starts, you will be given a card or a ticket with your assigned position in the table. Once you have this, you need to go there and the croupier will give you your chips to bet.

Change of Poker Table

As the players are defeated and eliminated from the play, poker tables are closed. If your table is closed, you’ll be given a new post in another one, where you’ll have to go with your chips. Be careful! You must always let your coins at sight. Apart from that, the casino can ask players to change sits in order to mantain a balance of players in each poker table.

Time in Playing

Bear in mind that you don’t need to hurry up to make decisions. So, take your time but don’t delay the game for no reason. If you are given a bad hand, just retire. On the contrary, if you need to face a hard decision, use the time wisely to make your choice.

Time to Rest

During the game, you’ll  see that there are some intervals in the game in which you can rest and leave the poker table for a short period of time. If you read the structura of the tournament, you’ll see the time table. Take advantage of those times to refresh your mind and to rest a little.

Poker Cards

Bear in mind that you need to protect your own cards. if you have two cards, you should use a card cover or, if don’t have one, you can also use a chip to put over them. If you choose the last option, try to use one chip with the least value, so if you forget you have that chip while you are playing, the mistake is not as important as if you forget one of the high value.

To make things worse, if the croupier makes a mistake and retire all the cards including your chip, you wont’ have the right to claim, as you are responsible for your own chips.


When you are going to make a bet, you need to be clear in your actions. During this process, you should avoid any circumstance related to misunderstandings. If you are not clear enough at doing that, you can be forced to pay more than expected or to raise a sum different from  the amount you wanted to raise. So, if you decide to bet, you should say it clearly, in loud voice.

If you don’t want to speak in order not to let your opponents know about your feelings when you are betting, as you want to mantain a poker face, you should prepare your chips correctly before moving them to the betting zone of the poker table.


No Mobile Phones

While you have your cards in your hand you are not allowed to use your mobile phone. If you ignore this rule, the authorities can retire you the cards and you will lose immediately. If you need to use your phone, you need to do it out of the table.

In matters of video poker, all these pieces of advice we have listed are really worth follow. We recommend you to do it to avoid unnecessary problems and also to feel yourself more self-confident in your way to become an expert in poker.

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