How to Play Flush in Poker


Welcome to all our readers! In Wincatchers we always work hard to bring to you the very best. In this article, we are going to explain you how to play flush in Poker, a good hand that, even though it’s weaker than full, it can beat even regular straights, and it’s powerful enough even if you play classic poker or Texas Hold’em. So, read our review to know more about poker strategies.

What is a Flush in Poker?

In general terms, flush is the combination of five cards all in the same suit, that is to say, all of them clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades. Obviously, if you get this combination with consecutive cards, you’ll be in presence of a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush, two different powerful hands.

Bear in mind that a Flush wins against the following hands: three of a kind, pairs and two pairs and straight, so you can make good money in Texas Hold’em with this hand.  So, be aware of that when you receive two cards of the same suit at the beginning of the play.

Flush vs Flush

As there are many cards in a suit, you can face another player with the same hand. In that case, the winner will be the player with the card with higher value. For example, if in the table you see A♣, 10♣, Q♣, 3♣ and 5♣, a player with K♣-2♣ wins against one with 9♣-J♣.

 The Importance of Your Initial Hand

Usually, getting a flush in the flop is not that easy. Therefore, you need to consider some aspects related to strategy before you start playing.

In most of the Poker tutorials that you can find in books or surfing the internet, it is said that you should raise in the preflop when you have Aces with the same suit and you should only pay if you have other cards. The reason for this is that Aces are naturally strong and don’t always depend on the color to win a play.

Bear in mind that your position is essential if you only have suits, as you can see what your opponents do in the Flop before making you decision.

Your Luck in the Game

If you are lucky enough to get a flush in the flop, there are two main things that you need to consider: how to make your opponents to pay your bets and raises and also how to protect your hand. Balance is key as well as strategy.

If you have a Flush with low value cards, it’s advisable to make a bet that makes the players who are making their games around aces to pay, but no too high that makes players to fall. You can play aggressively if you face many players but take your time if one of your opponents was aggressive in the preflop.


This aspect is important as goes hand in hand with probabilities. Remember that poker is a game of chances, in spite of the strategy you can use to win. According to statistics, only in 1% of the plays you’ll get a flush in the flop with two cards of the same suit in your hand, and you have a 35% of probability to get a flush after the flop.

To make things even more interesting, in only 12% of the cases you’ll have a flush when you start the play with two cards of the same suit in your hand. Think about those numbers and bear in mind that statistics don’t work only for you, but also for the rest of the players.


As you can see, Flush in poker is a very good hand that can make you win a lot of money. You need to practice to master the right strategies according to the situation in order to increase your winnings. We hope you liked our article about Poker. Try to put our pieces of advice into practice to become a professional poker player.

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