How to Bet on the Roulette Table

By Ucatchers

Hi to all our readers! Welcome to our Roulette section, where we give you some tips and knowledge of this incredible table game. In this opportunity, we are going to deal with one aspect of this game that people are always looking for: strategies to know how to bet on the Roulette Table.

The first thing that you must have crystal clear in your mind is that there is no infallible strategy to win in the roulette. There is not such a thing. If you read articles where people explain a strategy about how to win in the roulette for sure, you should know that there is nothing certain on it. The only thing you can manage are probabilities and strategies to improve your chances.

How to Bet on the Roulette Table

Now we are going to explain some basic roulette strategies and tips to take into account once you decide to take part of this game. We will focus on the European Roulette as your chances are much better in the European than in the American version of the game. Of course, you can follow our pieces of advice even when playing online, so take advantage of them.

Subtraction System

You can win a lot of discipline using this strategy due to you have to follow a strict method of betting. In order to start with this, you need to go to the roulette table and see the first two winner numbers. Once you do that make your bet taking into account the result of the subtraction between those numbers.

For example, if the numbers are 8 and 30, you have to bet on number 22, as 30-8= 22. Then you need to wait for the next two numbers and repeat the operation following the same pattern. Despite the fact that you win or not, you should continue doing the same.

In case the two numbers are the same, for example 22 and 22, your next bet should be placed on 0 or 00, depending on the type of roulette. In the same way, if the numbers are 2 and 0, the number to bet on should be 2.

Double or Nothing Strategy

There is a type of bet in which you can choose between two things and get double if you win or nothing if you lose. You have diverse options to consider:

  • Odd/even
  • High (19-36)/low (1-18)
  • Black/red

Obviously, the casino has an advantage plus if consider the number 0 or 00, but your chances are bigger that betting on one number. Naturally, the prizes are greatly reduced, as you can get only the double of your bet. The bigger the risk, the higher the prizes.

Sum and Division Strategy

I this case, as in the first strategy, you need to use a similar methodology but changing the basic rule. You need to see two winner numbers and make the sum between them. Then, you need to divide by 2 the result to have your following bet.

For example, imagine that the two winner numbers are 34 and 28, so according to the methodology, 34+28= 62, and 62/2 = 31. That means that you have to bet on number 31 the next play. In the case you get in the sum an odd number, it is up to you to decide which number is correct.

As you surely notice, this strategy allows you to get the average number of the last two plays. It is not important if you have 20 and 20 and result for your next betting is also 20, as the probabilities for a number to occur after winning twice is the same as for the rest of the numbers.

Tips to Bet on the Roulette

Mathematics are important

Do not be panicked by this affirmation. You do not need to be a mathematician to play roulette. The point of it is that in order to follow a strategy to play, in most of the cases you need to make use of some basic mathematics to make your moves accordingly in a fast way.

Do not waste your money

Betting in excess almost always brings you to doom. It is much better for you to start learning to bet with calm. If you are used to it, you can avoid future potential problems such as betting a lot more to recover from some loses. Remember that luck is a big part of winning and you cannot be always lucky.

American or European Roulette?

If you have the chance to choose the type of roulette to bet on, it is important for you to be aware of the different types of roulette before making your choice. The first thing to be noticed is the probability numbers of winning. As we stated in another article, your chances of winning in the European version is 5.26% and in the American is 2.70%.

In addition to this, you should also be aware of the added variations in the American roulette, as in the case of “surrender” or “prison”, in which you can make use of different strategies with different compensations and possibilities.

Do not forget that, in essence, roulette is a game, so you can bet waiting for winning and making some money. Maybe you do or maybe you do not, but the most important thing that you should bear in mind is that you must enjoy the game.

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