How to bet in Poker

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Hi, dear readers of Wincatchers and welcome to our post about the true heart of poker: betting, something exciting that you surely have in common with all your opponents no matter the poker version you play. In matters of poker strategy, betting is as essential to the game as the air to breath, so you should do it properly. Read this article to know more about how to bet in poker.

In this opportunity, we are going to explain what a bet is and the different options that you have to do it properly taking into account the wide range of possibilities you can have. What is more, we will present a different betting option: the split-bet poker.


¿What does betting mean in poker?

Betting is the only way for you to win the pot, that is to say, the sum of money players wager in a hand or a game, and, if you are lucky enough, to force your opponent to fold or to have the chance to get more money on the pot.

Even though it sounds simple, betting is more than just placing your chips on the table. There are also some variations to consider according to the purpose of you bet. So that, in matters of betting you should also consider value, bluff, semi-bluff and donk bets, and the way to make a good use of them.

Value bet

This is the most known and logical bet. You place your bet when you think you have the nuts, the best possible hand and you need to make your opponent put as much money as possible on the pot as you are certain to win. Don’t forget to use a poker face to avoid being read by your opponents.

Except in exceptional cases, you are convinced you are going to win because of your deductive skills, so you try to increase the pot to take advantage of your cards. However, you must be aware that your opponents should not realize that you are placing a value bet or your chances of increasing the pot will be surely reduced.

With a value bet you can also make the best hands to fold. You think you have the best hand, but maybe you do not, and perhaps, thanks to your action, one (or more) opponent with a better hand decide not to play. You can also affect your opponents’ projects and give the idea that you are calling the shots in the hand, so your opponents will surely wait and see before betting.


Bluffing is a powerful technique you must have in your arsenal if you want to be a solid poker player. In terms of definitions, it means making a bet or raise in an attempt to make your opponents believe you have a better hand than them, so they decide to fold.

Despite the fact that it seems to be really simple to make, you should choose wisely the best moment to make this movement, because if you are discovered, your opponent can pay your bet and you will end losing the hand and the money. Lots of people think that bluffing is all poker is about, so have to study your plan carefully and not make this movement in every hand.

Statistically, you are not going to receive good cards very often, so you have to make use of bluffing to make the difference in a game. Just make a story, think of a situation that starts at the beginning of the hand and it is still going on. You know it is not true but your opponents do not.

Finally, if you get success at bluffing, let your opponents think you really had a good hand. In order to be a solid player, you should never show your hand unless it is mandatory. You are the creator and the secret must be only on you.


This is a very interesting movement, as you combine both value bet and bluffing to raise your chances of winning the hand even when you probably can end with empty hands. It is not the case in which you have nothing, but not enough to consider a viable project. Let us show you and example:

As you see, even in a potential disadvantageous situation, you can make use of this aggressive movement to turn the odds in your favor. As in the case of bluffing, you do not have to abuse of semi-bluffing in order not to see predictable.

Donk bet

To start with, you should not let the name of this bet deceive you. It is true that this term that can be considered to be offensive when you are speaking of people, but there is a simple explanation for that.

This kind of bet can be a really awesome strategy…or the opposite. It means to place a bet out of position, usually small in size, that you can make post-flop when you are inferior on skill or you are not the pre-flop aggressor.

Even though this movement is more related to unskilled players or beginners, in fact “donk” stands for donkey, a professional player can use it as a strategy to deceive their opponents. So, pay attention and no underestimate some movements.

Split bet poker

If you do not want to make a mess with rules and complicated strategies, and play a simple poker game to win some money, split bet poker can be a variation that really suit you. It has simple rules and is played in casinos.

At the beginning, every player receives three cards. If you are not satisfied with them, you have the chance to retire 1/3 of your bet. Then, there will be two communitarian cards added. Again, you can take out 1/3 of your bet if you do not like your cards. Finally, the last card is unveiled and the destiny of the hand is decided. To make things better, you can also make two parallel bets to increase the joy.

We hope you enjoyed this general view about betting in poker and the different related situation you can face from the first time you decide to sit on a poker table. As we said, betting is essential, so try to learn and enjoy. We invite you to read also our article about the check-raise strategy to become a professional poker player.

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