History of the Roulette

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Hello to all our readers! Welcome to this special article about the origins of the emblem of a casino: the roulette. In this opportunity, we are going to refer to the History of the Roulette, exploring its origin and the different variations it has suffered throughout the time and also the different types of roulettes that have survived.

Nowadays, it is normal to see all the people gathered around the roulette table, waiting for the ball to fall in their selected number where they had made their bet, or even deciding how to bet. But, who created this amazing game of chances? Why are there 36 numbers to bet on? How was it created? Let’s go to the article to unveil those fascinating aspects of the roulette.

History of the Roulette

To speak about the origins of the roulette, we need to travel to France. According to the registers, it was created in the XVIII century, even though one century before, Blaise Pascal presented a primitive version of the mechanic part of the game that he designed looking for building a perpetual movement machine.

Due to the raising popularity of games of chance at that time, and even card games, it is believed that the roulette used to be an entertaining hobby performed with rolling dishes, just like the English games Ace of Hearts or Roly Poly. People take advantage of that desire for playing and betting to design a better system.

Members of the French aristocracy were the first people to enjoy a system similar to the current roulette. There was a strong desire for risking money and to obtain better prizes at winning, so it was an almost immediate success.


The Origine of the numbers 0 and 00

Nowadays, every single player knows about the existence of the numbers 0 or 00 in the roulette. In fact, players are so familiar with those numbers that have already learnt how to bet on 0 and 00. However, in the first uses of the roulette it was not a possibility.

In the Palais Royal of Paris, in 1796, there was the first documented roulette that presented two exclusive numbers reserved to the house, so it’s the beginning of an extra advantage for the casinos. As you imagine, those numbers were 0 and 00, which are used today in tha American Roulette.

Some years later, the Blanc brothers presented a design of a roulette wheel with only one zero in green. That was a revolution taking into account that in this version, players started to have better chances of winning. As a consequence of that, since 1800 roulettes has always make use of this color to identify both numbers.

The Roulette in the USA

In the same time, poker was amazingly popular in the States, especially in the region along the Mississippi river, where people were in same way obsessed to play any form of game, so it was just about time for the roulette to land in America.

The first American Roulette version had only 28 numbers to bet along with the numbers 0, 00 and the American eagle. The eagle was another kind of 0, so it was not good for players. The chances of the house were then 3 in 31, which is really a lot, so this symbol was rapidly eliminated.

Finaly, in the XIX the roulette became popular and started attracting all kind of people searching for a way to make money. Thus, the casinos started creating limits and rules. Bear in mind that the game was illegal, so players could not do much against the casino in case of a problem.

The Roulette in the XX Century

At the beginning of this century, the game was still illegal in every place except for Montecarlo or Las Vegas. In Europe, the casino used the one 0 version while in the USA the double 0 was also part of the game.

It was in the 1970’s when some casinos started to create a regulation for games, not onl for roulette but also for baccarat, blackjack and others. Once it becomes popular, this regulation was finally spread all around the world.

The history of some games is an interesting part of the games, it’s an aspect of the roulette that it’s worth knowing it. We hope you liked this revision of some part of the most emblematic casino game.

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