Héctor Bellerín: An improved “Semedo”

By Ucatchers

Héctor Bellerín: A Héctor Bellerín in a match with Arsenal / Source: La Vida al día.

After the start of the second FIFA 21 season pass Ultimate team, EA Sports has introduced a new card for the right-back profile. Is about Hector Bellerín, right side of Arsenal, which has had an interesting evolution in its statistics, having a mean of 85 and becoming one of the most outstanding cards of the game in that demarcation.

An airplane on the right wing

Letter from Bellerín Its main qualities are speed and its ability to constantly go up to attack. Its speed, both acceleration and velocity, is 93, which makes it a very useful card to stop rival wingers. In addition, it has a 84 dribbling, having good agility and balance stats (85 Y 84).

Letter from Héctor Bellerín / Source: Fut Bin.

In addition, the letter from Bellerín is resistant85), so you can endure the whole game without any problem. A negative section is that it is not very strong, so you can have setbacks in melee. In addition, the low index in defense can cause you to leave holes in defense.

Even so, it is an interesting card that competes with others of a similar level such as Nelson Semedo, Wan bisakka or Ricardo Pereira. Of course, perhaps it is still a little behind the letter of Walker, which is still the most complete in offensive and defensive tasks.

What do you have to do to get Héctor Bellerín?

Being an objectives card, it requires completing certain challenges. The first one is to win 15 matches using players from the Premier League in you eleven start in the «Managerial Masterpiece» mode within the friendlies of Ultimate team. In addition, you must also write down 30 goals with Premier League players, give 20 assists and assist with a center in four different games.

Héctor Bellerín’s objectives / Source: FIFA 21.

Finally, you must score with a quality shot in six different games. After all these requirements, you can obtain the letter of Bellerín, being able to enjoy it as a right back in your squads of FIFA 21.

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