Handicaps in sports betting: How to use them

By Ucatchers

Handicaps in sports betting are one of the most used markets, but there are many people who still do not understand them 100%. In this article we will explain what exactly they are.

Handicaps are usually used when we want to give an underdog an advantage because we think they have a chance or on the contrary when we want to put a disadvantage on a favorite because we think they are going to throw the opponent.

First of all, you have to know how to differentiate between Asian and European Handicaps. The Handicaps have a very simple operation, It is about adding to the final result the amount that the bookmaker offers you. For example, in an Asian Handicap + 5, you will have to add 5 to the final result.

Team A HA + 2, final result A 0-1 B, the bet will be won. With the European Handicap it would be the same, but if there are 0-2, the Asian would be null, while in the European we would lose the bet. This is because in Asians we cannot bet on a tie, therefore whenever we add the handicap to the final result it gives a tie result, they will return the money, while in Europe they will give it to us for lost.

We recommend that you forget about the European handicaps and that you only use the Asian ones.

Now, when there are more problems is when in the HA (Asian handicap) we find decimals. We can find the following decimals, 0.25-0.5-0.75. They are really easy, the most common decimal is 0.5.

If we have a HA + 2.5 (0.5 is the most common of the decimals) simply We have to redo the sum, if there are 0-2 left, this time if we would win the bet, since it would really be 2.5-2, whereas if it were HA + 2, the bet would be void.

The handicaps in sports betting are easy to understand, below we explain the handicaps that can give us more headaches.

If we have a HA +2.25 It would be doing the same sum as above, but while 0.5 counts as a goal, 0.25 counts as half a goal. Namely, if we remain 0-2, and we have HA + 2.25 our bet will be half null and half winning. If we have a HA + 1.75 and we are 0-2, our bet will be half losing and half void.

Write down this trick to know if your bets are winning or not, as long as the decimal is 0.25 we are left with the number that appears first, if it is 2.25, we are left with 2. We do the operation, If it turns out that we tie (0-2 + ​​HA + 2 = 2-2), we add that 0.25, which would give us the won bet, by doing it in two steps the first part is null and the next is correct.

On the contrary if the decimal is 0.75, doing the same as before, this time we will keep a number higher than the one they offer us, for example if it is HA + 2.75 we will keep 3. We do the operation, If it turns out that we tie (0-3 + HA + 3 = 3-3), we subtract that 0.75, which would give us a lost bet, when doing it again in two steps, the bet will be half null and half lost.

In both cases, if the bet after the operation with this trick gives any other result than a draw, it will be the result that the operation gives us.

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