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Greetings to all our readers and welcome to the esports section of Wincatchers, our website, where we provide tons of information about esport games and give some valuable tips to bear in mind when you are part or are about to be part of the gambling world. Today, we are going to speak about one game that caused a revolution in matters of shooter games: Halo, an esport game that open the door to hundreds of titles of the same genre.

When the popular world of leagues and championship of esports was far for even being a dream, there was one new game that, in 2001, was born and gained had rapid growing in popularity due to a magnificent first-person shooter system that players loved, and still do as one of the emblems of esports games 2020.

It is undeniable that the shooter games community still considers Halo and its variations as excellent examples of how a game can evolve and continue being amazing and attractive for both old and new players. And that is, for sure, the secret for its success, as it also happens in games like League of Legends.


What is Halo?

Originally developed by Bungie for the Xbox platform Halo is a franchise of a first-person shooter videogame that has reached its peak with its multiplayer game possibility. At the very beginning, this competitive multiplayer game mode made use of a LAN connection, a local area network, to allow players all around the globe to play together. Bear in mind that at that time, broadband internet was not available for eveybody.

Released in 2001, it paved the way for many of the most popular esport games of the same genres today as it set, in a way, the standards and format of a modern competition due to, especially, the creation of the MLG, Major League Gaming, a large organiser of eSports events in the areas of North America and also the rest of the world.

Halo 5 Review

To let you know a general structure of the last version of the game, in Wincatchers we are going to explain some things about gameplay and features. In general words, when you start the game, you will see that you have several multiplayer modes and not only one. You should make your choice to start living the adventure.

In a standard match of competition there is a battle between two teams of four players that takes place across a variety of different maps. There are two main goals: complete objectives and score the most points in gametypes (you have “strongholds” or “capture the flag”, for example) or to get the major amount of kills in standards competitive game modes (you have Slayer, for example).

As it is a first-person game, your control and view are the ones from the eyes of the character, a Spartan soldier with skills and special abilities and accesories, just like armor and a regenerating shield capabilities that enable him to survive firefights longer. You will be required to time your attacks properly as it really realistic.

Even though it is a first-person game, the camera is not only limited to this, as the in-game camera adjusts to a third-person view for certain offensive actions (using your booster for a ground pound or Spartan Charge, for example).

Halo Multiplayer Modes

Now, let’s have a look at the different multiplayer modes that you can find in this fantastic game, where you will find 3 modes related to objectives, Capture the flag, Assault and Strongholds, 1 related to amount of rounds, Breakout, and the last one related to deathmatch, Team Slayers.

  • Capture the flag: definitely, it is one the best options. It is played 4 vs 4 and the main objective is to capture the enemy team’s flag whilst you have to protect your own.
  • Assault: In this 4 vs 4 match, the main objective is to deliver a bomb to the enemy team’s base. War is war.
  • Strongholds: In this mode played 4 vs 4, the objective is to capture marked territories on the map to get points.
  • Breakout: This mode, also played in 4 vs 4, is based in playing five rounds and the objective here is to be the first at winning five rounds, with single-elimination per round (respawns are not allowed).
  • Team Slayer: Finally, this is the traditional 4 vs 4 team deathmatch, where the your team objective is to get the highest amount of kills per match.

How to Bet on Halo esport Game

First at all you need to wait until the Halo World Championship event to have the chance to place your bets on it. Ones you have the chance, you will need to find the best online gambling platforms where esports are an option, as in the case of Melbet or Betwinner, two great betting platforms for you to visit the gambling world and enjoy the games.


We hope you liked our review about Halo and the chances you have to bet on this esport game. You can also read our review on NBA2K if you prefer another esport genre, more related to sports.

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