H-FARM x ACER: 10 kids at esports school

By Ucatchers

For two years H-FARM has already begun to approach the world of esports, perfectly in line with the futuristic vision of its founder. At the forefront of education and training for students of all ages, H-Farm now aims to tell its boys and girls about esports in all its facets in collaboration with the Acer for Education program of the well-known endemic brand. A collaboration born in the name of training and innovation, started in 2019 with the first dedicated summer centers in Italy, to arrive today at a real academy designed to educate future professionals in the sector, or aspiring ones, in a balanced path Is responsable.

Not only players, mind you, but also analysts, coaches, team managers: job positions increasingly sought after by the market at an international level, which require transversal skills and precise knowledge. On the one hand it is necessary to know the world of esports, its dynamics, trends, types of games and tournaments, on the other hand the playful part merges with business and management, making it essential to develop project management skills, marketing, conflict management to manage and motivate a team of players who are in all respects professionals.

There will be ten boys who will participate in the academy for an age between 14 and 16, guided by H-FARM experts and QLASH professionals, in a training path that includes theory, practice, but also workshops and group work to refine soft skills. All supported by ACER FOR EDUCATION, technical partner of the course, in the definition of the program and in tracing together the guidelines and educational objectives of the academy, also based on a conscious use of the videogame medium.

“The Esports Academy was created to introduce our students to the potential of the esports sector that is not limited only to the figure of the professional player”, commented Marco Labozzetta, Education Project Manager of H-FARM “Our students learned the history of esports and the dynamics of the different titles, they explored the different players of the esports world and the different ecosystem roles such as the team manager, the analyst, the caster and the head coach. Acer Predator computers, dedicated to the gaming world, have made the Academy possible, fueling the ambitions of children in the esports world.

Cristina Pez, Acer for Education Sales and Marketing Sr. Manager Emea instead he said: “Our mission is to support teachers in implementing innovative learning environments that help students be ready to face the challenges of the 21st century, fueling their curiosity through an engaging teaching experience. With Esport in Education, we believe that students can acquire both technical and transversal skills, such as collaboration, a sense of community and problem solving skills. All transferable skills and knowledge that can be applied to other sectors, including digital and STEAM-based careers. A precious help for students who live today in a constantly changing world in which new working roles are opening up where the emphasis is increasingly placed on flexibility, adaptability and transferable skills. “

Education and training now play a fundamental role in the future of esports in Italy. More and more skills and knowledge are transferred to tomorrow’s protagonists of the sector, forming the future ruling class of esports.

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