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Do not fall in love.  You are notified (Poker Divas)

Do not fall in love. You are notified (Poker Divas)

Second consecutive day in which Vicent Boscá he had us glued to the monitor to see his Final table at the High level of the Pokerstars Stadium Series, which is already in the week before the grand final, that is, at a $ 5,200 buy-in.

“gordon0410” did the most desirable thing, to gain places to his classification in day 1. In this case it was the maximum to which he could aspire.

Remember how, to illustrate the toughness of the tournament, we mentioned that the top three places were for Fedor Holz, Scott Margereson and Simon Mattson? Well, all three had a great performance and did not give the option of a nickname change with respect to the provisional podium. Between them there was a dance of positions, and Margereson ended up winning the tournament against Mattson.

Vicent reached the fifth position, runner-up among those fighting for fourth place, behind Danish Daniel Petersen. Although it is one step less than those passed in the FT at dawn on Wednesday, Vicent ends three days of work in the Stadium Series with $ 95,000 in prizes, almost 10% of the purse that was put into play in those two tournaments.

The other Spaniard involved in day 2 of the Stadium Series was Pablo López “Don’t Fall in Love”, who was part of the group that played the Heat-26 in its Mid version.

Pablo lacked the bellows to get past the last two tables and was eliminated in 17th place, with a prize of $ 4,028. The result was probably a disappointment for Pablo. Good thing the session had other points of interest.

The Spaniard signed up for the HRC: Bounty Builder HR $ 530 along with 247 other candidates. After the buybacks, the registry showed 340 tickets sold, so the exchange almost doubled its guarantee, rising to $ 170,000.

In this field, Pablo did not reach his limit, and went straight up to the first square. He successfully defended his bounty against a Romanian player, “andr3ydan”, and won a prize that is almost equal to the 3rd place in the Stadium Series tournament, $ 34,715.

At GGPoker we have been struck by a name that plays under the German flag. We do not recall echoing any other box of Juan Navarro Corral, which last night witnessed Kristen Bicknell’s victory in the HR Big Game Hunter $ 1,050.

Navarro finished fifth in a field of 92 players, although he stood out especially in the bounties chapter and improved his prize to $ 13,023.

Looking at his profile, we see that His earnings from in-room tournaments are a staggering $ 1,709,556, and that we had no news of it because he had not played since mid-May.

This remarkable debut in our “pinchazos.com” was overshadowed by the third place for Adrián Mateos in the HR Blade Mulligan 5K $ diary. Amadi only left Isaac Haxton and Fedor Holz alive from a field of 64 players, and he pocketed $ 44,973.

It was again a bad day for Sergi Reixach, who did not play anything despite paying tickets in everything in the lobby, even in the Bryn HR 10K $ to which only three players signed up: Pascal Lefrançois, Ali Imsirovic and the Catalan .

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