Golden Rules of the Roulette

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Hello, fellow readers of Wincatchers. Welcome to our article about Golden Rules of the Roulette. It is widely known that the roulette game is really attractive, and lots and lots of players love it. We are sure that even you have try your luck betting in a casino or on an online version of the game because this game has been a success since its origins.

However, there are some things to bear in mind in order to have a more satisfying experience when you decide to play. Remember that knowledge is power. For that reason, we are going to give you some information and tips to help you to enjoy your roulette adventure.

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of the roulette: betting. Even though learning how to bet on the roulette seems to be easy, it is important for you to know the different bets you can place on. So, pay attention to the distinction between inside and outside bets on the roulette table.

Golden Rules of the Roulette

Let’s pay attention first to the rules that we consider to be golden, as you shouldn’t ignore when you decide to bet on this fantastic game of chances. We are going to consider now the different ways of placing your bets.

Inside Bets in the Roulette

An inside bet is the type of bet that takes place when you place it on one number, straight or single bet, or two numbers, split bet. In the first option the payment in case of winning is 35-1 and in the second 17-1.

There is also the chance to choose three consecutive numbers, a street bet (for example, 7, 8, 9) and to make a corner bet, which consist in betting on four numbers that meet at one corner (for example, 10, 11, 13, 14), and so on.

In our opinion, it’s advisable to choose the straight bet instead of the others. We know that this way we”ll have only one chance, but in that case the advantage of the casino is reduced and you can get much more money if you win.

Outside Bets in the Roulette

External bets are those bets that are made outside of the area of numbers on the roulette carpet. In most of the cases the payment for winning at them is usually 2-1, so if you place a 1€ bet, you will get at winning an amount of 2€. There are different options to those kinds of bets:

  • Color

You can choose red or black and place your bet. If you get the right color, you will be paid 1-1, despite the number.

  • Low/high

In this case you can also select between two options, the first part or low, that goes from 1 to 18, and the second part or high, that goes from 19 to 36.

  • Column

This kind of bet involves 12 numbers on a row, that is to say 1/3 of the carpet. In this case, you can get a 2-1 payment.

  • Dozen

In this outside bet you have the chance to make your bet to 12 numbers for each spin, 1st, 2nd or 3rd .As in the case of column, the winning payout is 2-1.

  • Odd/even

Your selection here can includeeither all of the even or odd numbers, and your bet is set for all the group you have selected. As in the case of color, the winning payout here is 1-1.

Bear in mind that whatever your outside bet is, if the ball falls in number 0, or also 00 in the American roulette, you will lose everything, as those numbers are not included in any of the outside betting possibilities.

Minimum Bet on Roulette

There is no a definite rule about it, as the minimum bet to place on the roulette depends on the casino. However, you can visit great gambling platform such as Betwinner, Betrebels or PlanetWin 365 to find out real examples of that. You will see that betting on an online casino you will be allowed to bet less money that in regular casinos.

As we stated above, it is usual for you to find online roulette tables with a minimum bet of 0.10€ for inside bets and 0.20€ for outside bets, so can start betting without risking too much money.

If you want to choose more than one number on a play, it is better for you to make small inside bets. even if you bet 1€ on 10 numbers, you will have potential winnings of 36€ if you win. So, keep it in mind when you are betting.

On the contrary, if you decide to make outside bets instead, as your possibilities are only 1-1 on color, low/high and even and 2-1 on column and dozen, it is better to bet more than the minimum option (5€ or 10€ at least) to win a more interesting number if you win.

How to manage your budget

Before start betting, you should make a correct planification of your strategy. To this, it’s essential for you to make into consideration the amount of money you are going to use for your bets.

Your main objective is to win money at the end of the play, but you need to be prepared to face eventual loses the days when your good luck seems to be absent. To that, you need to have a plan to follow to recover from a bad situation.

Taken it into account, if you have a budget of 50€ to bet on the roulette, under no circumstances you have to pass that limit. Instead, you can make 5 bets to color, for example, or use less money and bet on different numbers. It’s up to you.

As you should remember, roulette is a game of chances, so there is no a definite strategy to win, so give a look at our tips to make a better use of your money and also to increase your chances of winning.

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