Glossary of Poker Terms


Hello! Welcome to our new article about poker. This time, we are going to refer to one of the most important aspects of poker, which is a list of phrases and words related to the game with the explanation of all of them, a valuable glossary of poker terms.

As you know, poker is a game in which phrases and ways of speaking are essential and can be crucial for any strategy. All that been said, we have prepared this glossary including the most common terms to help you to understand the game better.

Glossary of Poker Terms

Action: it refers to your activity during the game. It includes check, bet, raise and fold.

Active Player: players who continue playing the hand.

All-in: it happens when a player bets all of his remaining chips at once.

Bankroll:bankroll is a term that refers to the money you set aside to gamble with.

Bet: Amazing word. It is the money initially wagered and put into the pot.

Big Blind: it is the larger of two forced “blind hands” in community card games, as in the case of Holdém and Omaha. Usually, the big blind is located two to the left of the “dealer button.”

Big Hand: term to refer to a good hand.

Blank: you use this word to refer to the community board card that looks like it is harmless and cannot help anybody.

Bluff: a bet or raise that appears to represent a good hand, when in fact the bettor has a bad or at best a drawing hand. You need to practice this a lot.

Board:  the playing surface and the community cards on the “board” that are shared by all players in games to complete their hands.

Busted: L Broke. It happens when you lost all your chips and your participation in the tournament is over.

Button: (aka Dealer Button) is a disc that denotes which player is the “dealer” for that hand. Button position is dealt the last card and is last to act in each betting round.

Buy-In: the amount of chips a player must buy in order to enter a card game.

Buying the Pot: expression used to refer to the action of winning a pot with a bluff or semi-bluff that forces other players out.

Call: to put in the amount that another player bet: “I call”

Check: the action of not betting when it is your turn. You can say “I check” or tap on the table in a live game.

Check and Raise: to check initially, but then make a raise if another player bets after your initial check. Check-Raise is a basic poker strategy.

Chop: we have two meanings here. In tournament play, it means that the last remaining players decide to split up the prize pool rather than play to the end; or, in a hand, where the result is a tie and the pot is split up evenly to the tied players.

Dealer: a player or staff member who deals the cards out to players.

Dead Man Hand: A famous hand that are formed by the black eights and the black aces.

Draw: this word refers to a “hand project” that needs additional cards to become a winning hand.

Draw Poker: each player gets a set amount of cards and then can replace some of his or her cards with others dealt out from the remainder of the deck. It’s related to the classic variation of the game.

Face Down: cards that are unexposed to other players.

Face Up: exposed card that every player can see.

Fish: a novice or poorly-skilled player, expected to lose money. Don’t be a fish.

Flop: first three community cards dealt face up on the board.

Flush: hand containing five cards of the same suit. There are various types.

Fold: to get rid of one’s cards, and in doing so forfeiting the right to any part of the pot.

Four-Flush: having four of the five cards needed for a flush.

Free Card: a betting round where all players have checked, thus allowing the next community card to fall without anybody putting any money in the pot

Freeroll: a poker tournament in which certain qualifying players get in for free.

Four-of-a-Kind: Hand containing four cards of the same rank, like K, K,K, K.

Full House: hand with two of one rank and three of another, like 2, 2, Q, Q, Q.

Hand: the cards a poker player holds, combined with any community cards, to make the best five card combination and win.

Inside Straight Draw: a draw where only one card will complete the straight, for example a hand like 3, 4, 5 and 7 needs a 6 to complete.

Late Position: it refers to the final third of players to act in a hand.

Limit: the maximum amount that can be bet or raised at once.

Lock: a hand that cannot be beaten

Middle Position: a position set in the middle third of players to act in a hand.

Monster: an excellent hand that probably won’t be beaten.

One Pair: hand containing two cards of the same rank, like A, A.

Position: players relative position to the player who acts last; in flop games like Hold’em and Omaha, position is usually considered related to “the button”.

Pot: sum total of all antes, blinds, and bets put into the center of the table during a given poker hand.

Preflop: action taking place before the flop

Raise: adding more chips to another player’s original bet to make it more expensive for other players to continue to play for the pot.

Reraise: raising another player’s raise

River: the fifth and last community card on board.

Royal Flush: a hand formed by A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit. Royal Flush is the best hand in poker.

Set: three of a kind, consisting of a pocket pair plus a matching community card.

Shorthanded: shorthanded poker is a variation of the game with five/six players or less.

Showdown: final act of a poker hand where all the hands are shown.

Slowplay: playing a powerful hand in a weak manner to disguise its strength and lure, or “trap,” other players into the action.

Small Blind: located just to the left of the button, it is the smaller of the two forced blind bets preflop.

Straight: a sequence of five consecutive cards, like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Straight Flush: a sequence of five consecutive cards that are all also the same suit.

Suited Connectors: it consists in two or more cards in sequence and of the same suit; for example: 8-9 or 10-J clubs.

Table Stakes: a player can only play with the money/chips he or she has on the table in front of him.

Three-of-a-Kind: three cards of the same rank held in a given hand, for instance J, J, J.

Tournament: a competition in which all players start with the same amount of chips and play continues until one player holds all the chips.

Turn: the fourth community card on board, following the flop.

Two Pair: a hand that contains two different pairs, like QQ and KK in the same hand.


After reading the article, you are now familiar with the essential terms regarding poker, so you need to put your knowledge into practice along to the right strategy to enjoy and win. We hope you liked our glossary containing all the explanation about common poker terms.

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