Glorious double for Amadi in the SCOOP-50-H, with NutsInMacadá fourth

By Ucatchers

Adrián Mateos has achieved his second title at the festival and has taken Pedro Ivars as a notary, who accompanied him for much of the final table.

Adrián Mateos, in Barcelona [Foto: N. Stoddart]

Adrián Mateos, in Barcelona [Foto: N. Stoddart]

The number one in Spanish poker, Adrian Mateos, has revalidated title in the Spring Championship of Online Poker from, eight days after inaugurating the record for the Red.

Of the little that Adrián Mateos had to do in poker was to achieve a double at a great online festival. Young as he is, Adri has long had nothing to prove, but he continues to find ways to reaffirm his status as one of the greatest in our game globally.

Wednesday was a day with very little informational pulse at the “.com” spring festivals. The moment of greatest interest occurred at the close of day 1 of the SCOOP-50-H PKO $ 1,050, with two Spaniards fighting for the lead.

Pedro Ivars and Adrián Mateos They prolonged their particular duel until the final table, although not for the first place, but for the second, due to the annoying and worrying presence of Niklas Astedt “Lena900”.

At that point the broadcast of the Pokerstars channel in Spanish, through which we live with desolation the fall of Pablo Ivars in fourth position after starting the table of four as leader, and Adrián had a lot of blame for this.

Amadi and Pedro faced a flop that gave Madrid a straight. Pedro linked second pair and ladder project, plenty to continue a hand in which he had the initiative. Ivars went for a three-bet line, turning the hand into a bluff on the river, and the pot spun out of control to 107bb. Ivars had enough life left to double up and return to the game, but his stack did not stand out again and he ended up playing in the tournament in a setup against the Belgian “karimmae“.

We were left with the consolation of seeing that the last blinds and the bounty of Pedro (4th, $ 26,575) they ended up absorbed by Adrián, who patiently endured the assaults of his rivals until he managed to open a sufficient gap to solve the ballot in two quick all-ins.

Adri’s prize grew a lot thanks to the bountys ($ 84,110), but the important thing was that the Red got a new double in SCOOP, with the previous one by Juan Pardo in 2019 still recent in memory. How to forget one of the best days for our exiles in years. That which we save in queries of the newspaper library.

You can’t ask for more from SCOOP … Well, yeah. It is abusing, we know, but what does a comeback from Adrián in a $ 10k final table to win a third title?

It’s cooking in the SCOOP 53-H, although it is frankly complicated. Adrián has less than 15bb With which to face a host of poker stars. There is not a single rival who is not a regular at High Rollers, or who has not shown brutal form in recent months. Martirosian, Martins, Boika, Dvoress, Sammartino, Fabrizio González, Volkmann, Addamo … It would be epic.

Well, with that desire we give way to the compilation of the results of the day ¡Fuerza, Adri!

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 48-M 8-Max Midweek Freeze $ 530: Andreas Berggren mrAndreeew“(Sweden, $ 76,774) Field: 924 records. Best Spanish:”tua133“(33rd, $ 1,985).
  • SCOOP # 48-H 8-Max Midweek Freeze $ 5,200: necgaidziai“(Lithuania, $ 157,426) Field: 140 records. Best Spanish:”EzPaTuLa“(19th, OTM).
  • SCOOP # 50-M PKO 109 $: Pedro D’Amato “Mr.Pedr0“(Brazil, $ 49,492) Field: 5,479 records. Best Spanish:”Toneecho ??“(20th, $ 2,284).
  • SCOOP # 51-H $ 530: Patrick Rasmussen “PatrickRass” (Denmark, $ 58,501) Field: 687 records. Better Spanish: “gordon0410“(24th, $ 2,198).
  • SCOOP # 55-H 6-Max $ 2,100: Andriy Lyubovetskiy Andre_Hansen“(Ukraine, $ 98,159). Field: 254 records. Best Spanish:”EzPaTuLa“(11th, $ 11,782).

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 53-M PKO Thursday Thrill $ 1,050 (142 players out of 1,178): “disquesi!“(4th),”But I am“(100º).

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