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As announced in the summary article published on 11 February, we contacted GG & Esports for direct answers from the organization on the case that involved them and put them at the center of attention in recent weeks in the Italian competitive scene of League of Legends . One way, we think, also to give them the opportunity to tell their own version of events. Thanking them again for their availability, here’s what they told us on Esportsmag.

Let’s start with a simple question: what is your current relationship with Sky?

Sky and GG & Esports have remained on excellent terms, as demonstrated by Sky’s latest tweet in which he comments on our press release. We are still in contact with him but we would like to say that we are sorry we moved late to resolve the issue that has arisen.

What exactly happened during the construction of the post promotion roster?

We relied on an external agency, Daydreamers ASD (owner of the PG Nationals slot until Summer 2020 ed). They are the ones who negotiated the contracts: any question about the construction of the roster should be asked to them.

Sky accuses you of making him sign the contract with deception. What is your reply on this?

As soon as we learned from Sky’s lawyers that one of our managers seemed to have committed such naivety, we immediately released the boy: we care about our players and their growth and we had no intention, even for the player’s sake. , to undertake a legal dispute or even a sporting one.

Let’s move on to the second part of the question. How did you try to avoid breaking point 2.4.3 of the rules after freeing Sky?

In agreement with the administrative bodies of the PG Nationals, mainly with Marco Soranno and Andrea Marucci, whom we thank for the support and availability offered, we first tried to contact DenVoksne and, once we reached a hypothetical agreement with him, in which he would appear as mere sub, we spoke to Dreamhack, UKLC organizer (league in which DenVoksne plays with London Esports ed), who however denied us the transfer according to a rule in the UKLC regulation: “a player cannot appear on more than one roster at the same time“. A problem that did not arise for the PG Nationals, whose rule requires that it cannot appear in different ERL rosters, a circuit of which the UKLC is not directly part. Having abandoned the English trail, we sought the Spanish solution. Unfortunately, Simpy is the owner of the BCN in the Spanish SLO tournament – Superliga Orange which is instead an ERL. Therefore we should have asked BCB to remove Simpy from their roster. Solution proved impossible.

At that point the sanction was inevitable. How did you react to the first?

Positively, indeed perhaps too positively. We expected the penalty to be heavier. We had seen together with our lawyers that, with respect to the provisions of the Global Penalty Index, neither the first nor the second sanction is contemplated with respect to the fact ascribed to us. Theoretically, the correct sanction would have been that of loss of phase 2 ban, but the PG Nationals has clarified that each situation must be assessed individually, especially in the face of such a peculiar case, taking into account mitigating and aggravating circumstances. Therefore, the first ruling responded to the needs of sportsmanship and showmanship of the tournament, so as not to punish others who were not directly responsible for the facts.

How was the relationship with PG Esports in recent weeks?

There has been and is full cooperation and transparency between GG & Esports and the PG Nationals race management. This collaboration was, as proof of this, considered a mitigation by the referees of the match, whom we thank for the trust placed in us.

How did you react to the second, you arrive after the teams have appealed asking for a greater sanction?

With optimism. Even though we lost two games at the table, we have closed the matter and we hope that for all the other teams the problem is no longer relevant. We still have 4 games to reach our goal, the playoffs, and we are not going to give it up.

In your press release that appeared on social media, you have the announcement that you can take legal action against those responsible for this situation: who are you referring to?

Out of respect for the rights and claims of all those involved, we still reserve the right, especially in front of the press, not to make accusations against individuals who could then turn out to be completely unrelated to the matter.

Is it true, as some voices close to the organization tell us, that the team manager Edoardo Falcetti did not respond to your requests for explanations?

We personally have a constant relationship with Mr. Sickles. We do not know where these rumors have come from which we consider completely unfounded. We are trying to work together to clarify every single point of the matter.

How are you organizing to protect the players, even mentally, for these last two weeks?

We are in direct contact with players and coaching staff on a daily basis and we try to meet all their sporting needs. We are in talks with the coaching staff for the renewal of contracts to maintain a united and cohesive environment. Regardless of how the championship ends, we will remain grateful for the work done by them and the team and proud of every performance. We are confident that their motivation will not give up in the face of what has happened and we are firmly convinced that the goal of the boys, to reach the playoffs, is fully achievable.

You have publicly guaranteed that there will be no impact on payments for players and staff. I think it is an excellent move, also in a communication key, to confirm that you are a reliable interlocutor in the esports scene, right?

It was clear that there would be no negative consequences for the players. As we have already said and as we courageously repeat, it is not their fault for what happened. We do not want there to be any repercussions, not even indirect ones, on them.

What are the plans for the future?

“LET’S GO TO BERLIN BEPPE!” we would like to scream: the truth is that we do not set limits. Our objectives do not change, not only with respect to this split, but more generally with respect to the export path that we had prefigured at the beginning of this adventure and that we want to continue to pursue. We certainly got off to a great start with the victory of the 2020 edition of Red Bull Factions, absolutely not expected but which has enormously graphitized us: our mission is to become a staple of the Italian scene. With investments, with a good scouting of talents, with intellectual resources to be sought beyond the borders that today define our business. We are convinced that we will also be able to bring beauty, in terms of activities useful for players, fans and the entire Italian scene. For the moment we wish everyone GLHF & GG (E)!

Answers with which GG & Esports show themselves in this way a mature and professional reality, in our opinion, which definitely has the possibility of finding its own space in the Italian scene. We wish them to leave behind the unpleasant success of these weeks and to reach their goals. Thanks again to the organization for answering our questions so quickly and best wishes for the future.

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