********* Get the Pike at EPT Online 19 on PokerStars .com

By Ucatchers

The pro Spaniard has taken a prize of almost $ 72k. The day has been very good for ours, since PeroQmaloSoy and Krevendi have won regular tournaments in the hall.

The victory hand of danipesis

The victory hand of danipesis

*********”Was clearly the Spanish protagonist of the day in PokerStars.com. From his Mexican residence, he obtained a pica by winning the EPT Online 19.

In the regular tournaments, ours also stood out. “But I am”Won the High Roller Club Bounty Builder HR and“Krevendi”The Bounty Builder won $ 215. This is how it is a pleasure to chronicle the results on the open platform of the red spade room. !! Congratulations!!

We expand the information on the Spanish performance.

As we have indicated, the player Spanish “*********” Got a great triumph at EPT Online 19: $ 530 NLHE [8-Max], $ 500k Gtd. Playing with the Mexican flag, he took the itch and with a prize total (bounties included) of $ 71,852.02, after defeating Belgian “wimmax” ($ 38,396.85) in the HU. The tournament had a field of 1,000 registrations (933 unique players) and a prize pool of $ 500k (guaranteed). You can learn more about his triumph in the PokerNews chronicle.

********* Victory at PokerStars.com EPT Online 19.

On the other hand, yesterday the Day 3 of the EPT Online 16: $ 5.2k NLHE [8-Max, Main Event], $ 5M Gtd. and unfortunately, neither of our two representatives has made it to the final table. David Cabrera “EzPaTuLa” fell to 40th place, taking home a prize of $ 27,384.65 and Ramon Colillas He was 53rd, obtaining a remuneration of $ 22,167.34. The Finnish “tikidiii” has reached the FT chip leader. In it, there will also be pros like Timothy Adams, Davi Jan or Jon van Fleet. Tonight we will know the name of the winner, who, if there are no agreements, will get a millionaire prize (there are 1,019,081.90 $ on top).

The EPT Online 20: $ 1.05k NLHE [Last Chance], $ 500k Gtd. The victory went to him Argentine Damián Salas “pampa27”, who won a prize of $ 117,474.63, after defeating Canadian pro Phillipe D’Auteuil “takechip” ($ 86,820.67) in the HU. The tournament had a field of 678 entries and a prize pool of $ 678,000. “NutsinMacadá” was the first spanish (17th, $ 6,386.01).

In the regular tournaments, our pros also gave us joys. “But I am”Got a great victory at High Roller Club: $ 530 Bounty Builder HR [8-Max, PKO], $ 125k Gtd. From his British residence, he won a total prize (bounties included) of $ 26,866.66, after beating German “DeM! st3r” ($ 17,608.73) in the one-on-one final. The tournament had a field of 300 entries (220 unique players) and a prize pool of just $ 150,000. It also reached the FT Javier Gomezcom 157“; was 5th ($ 6,671.76).

Krevendi”, Playing from Andorra, won the Bounty Builder $ 215, $ 50k Gtd. It was made with a total prize of $ 10,618.56, after defeating Georgian “TheWisdomForest” ($ 6,662.06) in heads-up. The tournament had a field of 304 entries and a prize pool of $ 60.8k.

By last, Lander Lijótua133”Also made the final table of the HRC: $ 215 Fat Tuesday [8-Max, Turbo], $ 18k Gtd. He was 6th ($ 1,614.64).

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