Gamergy adapts to COVID-19 and will be 100% online

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Gamergy adapts to COVID-19 and will be 100% onlineGamergy 2020 / Source: Official Gamergy (YouTube).

The world of video games is allying itself with the online format in order to prosper and move forward. The harsh reality of COVID-19 thus obliges them. A handicap to which he has been forced Gamergy, in its edition of the year 2020. One of the most popular video game events and esports in Spain.

Almost two months long

GGTech and IFEMA have joined forces to propose a Gamergy fully adapted to the current situation. In addition, you will have the support of publishers as important as Riot games, Epic games or Supercell among others. To begin with, the duration of the event will extend from the day October 26th until the next December 20th. Almost two months in duration that will surely be well received by the fans of the event itself, since tournaments will be held during all the weeks it lasts. Gamergy.

Tournaments will be held every week / Source: Official Gamergy (YouTube)

Among its novelties, it stands out that participants will have more than twenty competitions of the most popular games in the world. They will be distributed among the participants themselves prize pool of an amount greater than 30,000 euros. The games in which they will compete are the following: VALORANT, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Clash royale, Brawl stars Y Fortnite.

Gamergy in its celebration of the year 2019 / Source: Gamergy ES (Facebook).

As for games that are the order of the day as is the case of FIFA21 Y Clash royale, Carrefour has contributed its grain of sand. Therefore, two tournaments of each will be played in which fans of the popular soccer game and the game of Supercell they will be able to enjoy the highest level competitive. In the video of the presentation on his channel Youtube, Gamergy has left clues about games that we could see, such as the popular and well-known Fall Guys, Minecraft or Among us among others.

Competitiveness and fun

Clip of Among Us / Source: Gamergy Oficial (YouTube).

Regarding families, Gamergy will give a space to them with offers of workshops and other activities for players, parents and educators. Especially relevant, there will be a stop of the famous Gamergy Edition Storm Circuit. The rooms of final of the same will be disputed between the 25 and the 26 of November. The semifinals will give way between December 2 and 3, producing the great final on the 5th of December.

In addition, there will be two tournaments in which teams from the two most important educational leagues on the national scene can be seen and enjoyed, such as Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports (teams of more than 70 universities) e IESports (will organize the tournament «Wildcard Gamergy» with the famous games League of Legends, Brawl stars Y Clash royale). The idea is to adapt to the current situation and be prepared for the edition of the season 2021.

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