Gamer profile: Diplex, the German jewel begins to shine

By Ucatchers

Dimitri Ponomarev “Diplex” It was one of the biggest surprises of the transfer season once it started after his arrival at Vitality.Bee. Although he has only been competing in Germany and France for a season and a half, he has already there were rumors of his passage to the top European competition. After being one of the highlights of OP Innogy last season, he has arrived in France and has continued his growth.


Vitality.Bee Template for 2021 | Source: Team Vitality

Although for many Diplex it is still a complete unknown for his youth (17 years old) and a short professional career, the German player is making a place for himself among the elders.

His first tournament was back in November 2019. Diplex played with his former team OP Innogy, the Premier Tour Winter Cup. Along with teammates like Rocklho, Seaz or Canee, they formed a decent set to fight the half table, starting from the third bass drum, in which the central lane was from the first day one of the important assets.

Probably in the toughest group of the entire competition, together with UOL Sexy Edition and Mousesports, they came out as the first classified with a 4-0 aggregate score. Finally, in the final phase they were eliminated with a resounding 2-0 against Ad Hoc Gaming in the winners part. In the part of losers the thing did not change, falling 2-1 against FC Schalke 04 Evolution.

After this, the German team (with the only changes at the bottom of the map) would go through the ESLM Winter or the spring season of the Prime League Pro Division, where they played poorly. The end result was sixth place in the first tournament and eighth in the second of them.

Regular Phase PRM Pro Division Summer 2020 | Source: Leaguepedia

His last tournament in Germany was the summer season of the Prime League Pro Division. The only changes to the team were the arrival of Kxng as the starting shooter and Lillip as support. In one of the most even stages in memory, and with BIG and Ad Hoc out of the game, Diplex stood out for the first time. With a team designed to fight not to be last, it was possible to reach playoffs. Finally, OP Innogy would end up falling in the first round with a 2-0, although yes, without Canee in the jungle, who had headed to SK as a substitute.

As we have commented previously, Diplex was in the mouth of some organizations throughout the transfer period. And we were not misled. Finally It was Vitality who signed with the young German pearl, although yes, for the academy. The arrival of someone so young to the best regional league, coupled with the capabilities of an academy team, would make Diplex grow. And it only took him a couple of months to show his improvement.

In his first season with Vitality. Bee has not only managed to get the academy into the playoffs, but also has obtained at least the pass to the EUM. One of the visible faces of the LFL, which smells like step by the shooting star competition. LEC teams are rubbing their hands over the idea of ​​signing the German player.

Skills and aptitudes

The young center-back has already been singled out as a player with a few excellent mechanics despite his short career and age. Although at present his performance in soloq is not entirely remarkable (480 from the server), it was during the past year. He reached the top spot in his position with only 16 years of age.

Among his skills is the ability to play different styles of champion. Although historically it has been more useful and showy with aggressive champions (Qiyana, Diana, Kled …), has made very particular choices. His third most played champion is Vel’Koz, who has selected twice in the LFL so far, with 100% wins.

Thanks to his aggressive style of play, he is capable of landing loose kills in 1v1, which end up giving both him and his jungle an advantage. During the previous season, he got up to seven only kills, while this season it is already nine. His youth and impudence have made him a pearl to be reckoned with not only for the future of the LEC, but for these coming months now.

Still, another of the player’s highlights is his adaptability. Since arriving in France, he has left wild elections behind him. Champions like Qiyana, Diana, Kled, Lucian or Cho’Gath they were among the most played by the German, but that has changed. The need to continue improving and the arrival to a superior team, has made it adapt to choices such as Zoe, Orianna or Azir, among others.


Diplex statistics so far this season | Source:

The German, as we have said before, has become one of the players that teams must see with a magnifying glass. So far, both he and his team have a 17-9 overall score. It is by far the player with the highest KDA in the competition, which is not an understatement. With a 9.43Diplex has averaged just over one kill per map, for four casualties and nearly seven assists. The second in the table comes in at a poor (in comparison) KDA 7.

What most excites the fans of the club and the player is his performance in playoffs. He has faced two of the great powers in the center lane of the league. So much Toucouille What Xico They are two players with a journey already in the League of Legends, and both are key pieces of their teams. Even so, Diplex has managed to maintain his composure and leave both series as the player with the best statistics: KDA 12 on eight contested maps.

In the champions section, he only maintains 100% victories with two champions. Vel’Koz (two maps) and Gallium (a map). Their most played champion is Orianna, with seven selected maps. Finally, we can see that although he is not the one that receives the most resources from his team (the first is Smiley with 25.1%), he is close to being the main source of damage (27.1). A sign that the player has a great conversion of gold received.

Still, Diplex still has facets to improve on if it wants to be a real problem for elite players. His first bars of departure are nothing to write home about. In fact, although the first has not died in any game this season, usually loses in minions and gold at minute fifteen. Both this, and its pool of champions, are its main assets to improve.

Evolution and possible future

Although it is Diplex is unlikely to arrive at LEC in summer, you should not take your eyes off it. The rumors of arrival to Vitality of a new player together with the improvement of Diplex are a problem for the french club. The German is aware of his potential and might not want to wait to make the final leap, since his age is not an impediment. The generational change is here.

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