Galfond praises Phil Hellmuth’s game … and Olivier Busquet goes crazy!

By Ucatchers

Pros, social media, old school versus new school … Guess how it ends? Exact. Heads-up challenge, as ordered.

The gym doesn't relax Liv too much (WSOP)

The gym doesn’t relax Liv too much (WSOP)

Phil Galfond, who in his role as a businessman has discovered the loudspeaker provided by social networks, has felt in the depths of his soul the need to praise in public the game of one of the most vilified players in history, Phil Hellmuth.

You can see that the first Phil, the one from the new school, takes more free time than we thought between the Run it Once school, the poker room, the half dozen Galfond Challenges and his recent fatherhood. Turns out you’ve found that you are amazed by the new Poker Central program, High Stakes Duel – “a very cool concept based on Heads-Up, my favorite format.

After watching the two episodes of the program that have aired, Galfond felt the need to share his impressions of what he had seen to the wind of the Net, a (long) letter of apology and also of admiration towards Phil Hellmuth’s game. So much so that, if you don’t know the taste for setting trends and going against Galfond’s current, the suspicion of sarcasm almost flies over you.

We so often criticize the plays we see on TV from the comfort of our couches. I think it’s only fair to also give credit where credit is due.

I recently watched @phil_hellmuth on @ PokerGO’s #HighStakesDuel & wrote down some thoughts.

– Phil Galfond (@PhilGalfond) October 7, 2020

The New Yorker opens his reflection with a piece of advice. “If you see a talented player make decisions that seem wrong to you, you should ask yourself, is he playing badly, or does he know something that I don’t know?”

On set, and still wearing masks, it’s easy to recognize Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari. Hellmuth, who has won 15 bracelets in his long career, “has never enjoyed the respect of many of the players of the younger generation.” In this Galfond is not mistaken.

Galfond says he does not recall ever publicly criticizing Hellmuth’s game, but admits to having done so privately. His initial idea about the match was that “Antonio starts as a favorite, long.” The typical mistrust of the tournament expert who faces a guy who has traveled the globe playing cash in the most exclusive games.

However, after viewing, Galfond acknowledges that “my perception of Hellmuth’s game has changed dramatically, for the better.”

What surprised the Phil who was not on TV was that the readings of the Phil who was playing the $ 300,000 on screen “were incredible, and he chose the lines that, although not ideal, made the most intelligent use of his exact reading. of each situation “.

The end is a true eulogy. “For me personally this is the most impressive achievement of Hellmuth’s illustrious career. I apologize to Phil for how long it has taken me to realize his talent. I acknowledge that I have witnessed greatness, and that Phil knows things. That I do not know”.

Of course, the deadline for an avalanche of reactions to such words was counted by seconds.

For example, Fedor holz He showed his dissent rather calmly, but firmly.

He punted every 300k I’ve seen him play in so I don’t share your view I think he’s a clear losing player in tougher lineups and mostly plays a style that exploits vs. tighter weaker opponents and WSOP & oldschool player tendencies.
I find it entertaining to play against him.

– Fedor Holz (@CrownUpGuy) October 7, 2020

I’ve seen him busting every $ 300K tournament I’ve seen him play, so I can’t share that point of view. I think he is underdog against tough fields and that he plays a style that exploits the weak opponents found at the WSOP and takes advantage of old-school player tendencies.

However, about Olivier Busquet… Let’s just say he took it badly.

“Easily, this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read to someone I respect. Almost every major point in the text is wrong, and it’s a formal apology to one of the most disgusting, disrespectful, and egomaniacal smokers out there. industry. This looks like a Stockholm syndrome. “

140 characters very well used, and that Busquet smelled that they would bring him consequences. So, in prevention, it started with another tweet, the one that is expected at the end of all these public confrontations that are inflated on social networks. He challenge to a heads-up to the questioned!

I anticipated there being many responses to this tweet critical of my personal play so let me put my money (and yours) where my mouth is. Since we’re doing things formally now, I formally challenge @phil_hellmuth to a HU match.

– Olivier Busquet (@olivierbusquet) October 7, 2020

Well, it is easy. The format of the Heads-Up Duel forces players to accept a double or nothing challenge until they meet any of the program’s victory conditions. Hellmuth is on the verge of claiming his third win in a row over Esfandiari, which would give him a chance to claim the win and take the money earned up to that point.

All Busquet has to do is cheer on Esfandiari very, very hard; wait for Hellmuth to stay on the show; and, at the last minute, riding a horse onto the set when Esfandiari ends up leaving the challenger’s chair after a subsequent defeat. By then, there could be millions at stake.

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