G2 wins solidly and awaits DAMWON in Worlds semis

By Ucatchers

G2 beat Gen g in Worlds quarterfinalsG2 beat Gen g in Worlds quarterfinals

The Fourth and last day of the quarterfinals of these Worlds faced Gen. G against G2 Esports, with Ocelote’s as clear favorites to win. It was about last living european team after Fnatic’s defeat against Top Esports in an exciting best of five that did not end as expected for Rekkles.

However, this tie would be different since the favorites this time were the samurai. Even so, we had to respect the Koreans, since we know what they are made of and the surprises they can give. However, Caps didn’t want Korea to punch the table and he stopped them in time giving a spectacular performance and showing the way to the Worlds semifinals.

G2 gains confidence in the first Worlds quarterfinal game

The CBoth teams’ ompositions on the first map of the series were quite comfortable. Ruler chose Kalista as the star pick alongside Taric. Wunder opted for Camille and Caps for Twisted Fate, thus ensuring a fairly good game for both. The game began head-on for Kalista in bot, harassing the Jhin from Perkz and a Mikyx a bit lost early in the game. Jankos and Caps started cold and did not hit their skills, so we would have to wait for them to warm up.

G2 knew how to play the map against Gen G with hunted between Camille and Twisted Fate and with the help of Pantheon and Nidalee to engage. After several successful team fights for Perkz, they took Baron Nashor and soon after the dragon, thus avoiding the soul for the Koreans. Finally, G2 ends the game quickly, thus marking the first victory for the Europeans in this series of Worlds.

Long live Caps, King of G2

The second game in the series began with a draft by Gen. G copied directly from the European team on the first map, except for the bottom lane in which Ashe and Leona had victory condition for the Koreans. On the part of G2, Caps chose a Sylas and Wunder chose Shen to have both a global presence on the map. Perkz keeps choosing Jhin, since he has been comfortable enough to repeat champion.

He The start of the game was quite bumpy, with a pretty good Ashe from Ruler in the opening minutes. On the other hand, Caps used Twisted Fate’s ult to rotate and have a lot of presence all over the map and rampage on all possible lines; so much was Caps’s power with Sylas that he bought two dark seals, with 10 charges on both (although this is not entirely effective).

In the meantime, the botlane was being dominated by Perkz and Mikyx who was being a fundamental pillar during these World Cups and in addition to a Jankos quite comfortable with Lillia, who played perfectly the champion. The game progressed and Caps destroyed everything that was put in front of him until he reached the nexus, thus ending the second map and putting the two zero on the scoreboard.

European siege for Gen G in these Worlds

The third and last game of the tie would have Caps as the protagonist again: Gen.G did not learn from his mistake and left Sylas open again for the Dane. Jankos returns with a Graves that did not remind us of good times for the Pole, although this time he looks much safer as Perkz with his Jhin again. On the part of the Koreans, Kindred, Volibear and Twisted Fate were the main victory condition for Gen. G, although Bdd had not played a very good game with the card master on the previous map.

The The game started head-on for G2, with two kills for Jhin and several assists for Sylas, who a few minutes into the game already had a dark seal to his credit. Ruler’s Ezreal seemed not to work at all, since at the beginning of the map he did not look at all comfortable with it and was increasingly haunted by the European botlane. However, the Koreans wanted to put two to one in the tie and Rascal gave a recital with Volibear in several group fights to get some goals. However, G2 hit the gas and quickly ended the dream of the Koreans. Game and series for G2 and to wait for DAMWON in the semifinals.

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