G2 leads Twitter engagement during Worlds 2020

By Ucatchers

G2 leads Twitter in these WorldsG2 leads Twitter in these Worlds

With the end of these Worlds 2020 and with DAMWON as champion, several data have been able to come to light with G2 leading on social media; specifically it has been in Twitter where has gotten to be the club with the highest mentions during these World Cups despite being eliminated in the semifinals, getting a double this year being the team that more mentions he has received in the LEC season.

Without going further, Fnatic fell to Top Esports in the quarterfinals but became the second most tweeted team, being the first two positions for Europe and showing that the region is faithful to the international event every year. Followed by these is the world champion DAMWON, the only Korean team in the Top 10.

Rainbow7 surpasses the North American teams in these Worlds with their fourth position

As a big surprise in these World Cups, Rainbow7 ranks fourth ahead of Chinese and North American teams like Top Esports or Team Liquid. Although the Latin American team did not pass the Play-in phase, it shows that the Spanish-speaking region has been aware of the club led by Josedeodo after being close to entering the group phase.

And most, but most importantly, we are proud of you, the fans, the ones who stayed awake, the ones who are still here.

They encouraged, suffered, cried, celebrated, dreamed and trusted. We owe them a group stage.

They are the best hobby of LATAM.


– Rainbow7 (@ Rainbow7lol) September 29, 2020

In fifth place is Team Liquid, that sneaks in like the North American team with the most interactions on Twitter has been. In turn is found by ahead of Chinese teams like Top Esports or Suning. The North American club that has given the best face this year in Worlds has been reflected in this social network, since many of these messages focused on that they were the best team in this region.

Chinese clubs, far behind G2 and company on Twitter

Suning, the current Worlds runner-up, and Top Esports rank sixth and seventh respectively, well behind other teams like Fnatic or G2. It is understandable that they do not position themselves higher, as the vast majority of Chinese fans comment on national and international competitions on social networks of your country like Weibo or BiliBili.

Completing the Top 10, we have Papara Supermassive in seventh position for his good performance in the play-in and eliminate MAD Lions. In the eighth position we have TeamSoloMid that unlike Team Liquid, mentions to the North American club have been much more focused on mockery and criticism of his mediocre performance. Finally we have Rogue, that most of his tweets were much more satirical.

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