G2 Esports and PerkZ, a story that could not be understood separately

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FullEsports - G2 Esports and PerkZ, a story that could not be understood separately

Luka Perkovic “PerkZ” has been, is and will be history of G2 Esports. Moreover, the world would not have been the same if both had not crossed their paths. The history of PerkZ would not be understood if he had walked his way with another shirt and, perhaps, the history of G2 Esports would not have been the same either.

It all started at the beginning of the 2015 season where the Croatian and Carlos Rodriguez “Ocelote” met at the same time and place. Gamers2 It was what a G2 Esports that was yet to take off. A very young organization, it was not yet in the top European competition that at that time was called EU LCS.

Although this was not when this beautiful story finally started since PerkZ, although for a short time, went through Millennium before qualifying with Gamers2 for the EU LCS. (Yes, years ago there were no franchises and the teams won being against the best. But that’s another story).

PerkZ and G2 Esports showcased in their first year

Let’s position ourselves. Spring Split of the EU LCS 2016. New team in the best regional competition at European level. A team that was endorsed by the name of Ocelote, an old acquaintance of the entire scene. And swept away swept all rivals and delivered the coup de grace in a playoffs against favorites Fnatic and Origen. PerkZ presented itself to the world dominating the middle line in a year in which there were players of the stature of the legendary Froggen or Febiven in their good days.

That first split well earned them a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational. Although the result was not satisfactory. This did not stop them from taking the title again in the summer and certifying their dominance at the European level.

In 2017 Zven and Mithy arrived directly from Origin

G2 Esports was one of the most popular market movements to date. He managed to take over the services of the bottom lane of one of his greatest rival at that time. Ocelote kept surrounding PerkZ with the best of the best to keep winning and dominating Europe. 2017 was also a successful year for the samurai, at least on a regional level as in international the same thing kept happening: they did not reach the finals.

PerkZ at Worlds 2017 / LoL Esports

2018 was the year that Wunder and Jankos arrived who came from being the best in their respective teams although after the departure of Zven and Mithy the team faltered that year. A year without titles is not something that Ocelote conceives so lightly. Even though with a great level of Luka they gave a real surprise by throwing Royal Never Give Up In rooms. However, Invictus Gaming would pass them over later. This is why another more aggressive step was taken in the approach and for 2019 there was the signing of Caps for the center lane.

Season 9: PerkZ’s Change to Shooter Position

There had always been a debate about the level of PerkZ in the middle lane. Despite being brilliant, in his best moments many they were reluctant to put the crown on him. A recognition that he did not have as a midlaner came to him completely as a shooter.

The addition of Caps brought him down the lane. Far from being a handicap for him, it was rather a handicap for the rest of the rivals. The one who got to be honored with Yasuo in a Worlds promo video, was able to smash anyone with the same champion in another lane. The one who seemed to be starting at a disadvantage knew how to deploy all his magic in an atypical position. A marksman with courage, bravery and skill that. Above all, he was versatile and aggressive.

8 regional titles, 1 Mid-Season Invitational and 1 Worlds runner-up endorse the Croatian / LoL Esports

2019 was the best year for all. After overwhelming dominance in Europe and winning the Mid-Season Invitational, G2 Esports wanted to eat the world. They wanted to win Worlds and they were very close to it. PerkZ was recognized as one of the best shooters in the world by the entire community. Locals and strangers praised the Croatian, who out of his position, engraved his name in gold letters for posterity. But they couldn’t put the icing on it. FunPlus Phoenix ended the European dream and prompted more changes at G2 Esports.

One last dance with a bad taste in the mouth

This last season has surely not been the desired one for either party. They began with experiments trying to get Caps to the position of marksman and be able to change positions as appropriate. This didn’t go so well. And how Caps was promised: he would be in midlaner. A Spring Split that despite the experiment served to add another title. Another more than with the summer one, PerkZ and the organization added a total of eight regional European League of Legends championships. A year in which despite experiments and not being so forceful, a G2 Esports at half throttle has been enough to win again. Although the great stain in the history is still there: they fell back on Words after dedicating themselves body and soul to it.

PerkZ and G2 Esports motivations to divide their paths

LukaBecause of what Ocelote has said and the transfer that has ended, he wants to be great again in the central street. New challenges, change of scene with his departure to NA and new motivations to satisfy. Neither Ocelote nor PerkZ wanted to “force” Caps into the position of playing awkwardly. Therefore the exit has been clear. The best for all parties. And it will be necessary to see if PerkZ writes another beautiful chapter of his life in the LCS enlarging his legend.

Perkz is a Midlaner.

He took the decision to sacrifice his spotlight for a shot at international success, and that’s exactly what he got.

Now he is back where he truly belongs.

Prepare for Luka to turbofuck every team he faces.

– CarlosR ocelote (@CarlosR) November 17, 2020

Carlos owes a lot to Luka and Luka owes a lot to Carlos. They have a very special relationship that goes beyond the professional. They are great friends. Y, the story of one could not be understood without the other.

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