G2 Artic vs Misfits + G2 Artic vs ROGUE (EU Masters)

By Ucatchers

G2 Artic vs Misfits + G2 Artic vs ROGUE (EU Masters Spring)
Misfits + ROGUE (Match Winner) Share: @ 2.14 ()
Stake: 3/10 Date: Tuesday April 20, 2021, 20:30 CET
Status: Open

* (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

We are going with a combined for the return of the EU Masters, which is a double lay to G2 Artic.

G2 Artic is 0-3 right now at the EU Masters, having lost ridiculously to Misfits in 22 minutes and losing easy to Rogue as well. on the go. These two teams will face G2 Artic again on the return leg and we are going with their victories.

After going 0-3 and with these terrible results they seek to change the team. They are going to replace the support «Efias» with «WachonBB». Wachon is an amateur player who has never had a competitive experience at ERL. He has not played in the first division, he has only played in the amateur.

The kid is good, but I think it is a weight and a disproportionate pressure against a player who has not had a competitive experience of that caliber. It is that he will debut for the first time in the EU Masters, before in a first division of any regional league and in a situation in which they have to win all 3 games not to go home.

On the other hand, Koldo and Supa have been playing quite a few games in the SoloQ Challenge. Obviously, being accounts in silver, gold queues, the level is worse and they also add an extra load to the player apart from the pertinent scrims. It does not seem to me the correct attitude of a player who is about to risk everything in one day.

For all this, we believe that G2 Artic will continue to show the low level that they have already shown in the first leg. On the other hand, Rogue and Misfits are two of the candidates to win the tournament.

You can see it here! Good luck!

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