Freefire is the most downloaded mobile game of 2020, thanks to esports

By Ucatchers

Garena’s battle royale title for Android and iOS, Free Fire, which was released in 2017, is grown exponentially in recent years. Last year was no exception. Sea (Garena’s parent company) just released the balance of its fourth quarter 2020 also highlighting the results of the year.

According to analytics firm App Annie, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game of 2020. This is the second consecutive year where the smartphone title achieved this result. Last year was also the mobile game with the highest grossing in Southeast Asia and in Latin America. Free Fire managed to become the mobile game with the best revenues also in India during the last quarter of 2020. This last milestone is due to the fact that its main competitor, PUBG Mobile, has been banned in the country last September.

“One of the key factors in Free Fire’s lasting success is the our commitment to keeping our game fresh and engaging“, he has declared Forrest Li, CEO of Sea. “Players around the world value Garena’s reputation because we care about continually improving the experience of Free Fire with innovative content, partnership and eSports activities“. Fueling the game’s growth around the world are its unique collaborations with famous people. Just to name a few, it ranges from professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the Indian-American musician DJ KSHMR and the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. The game also has collaborated with the Netflix series La Casa di Carta for an in-game event last year.

Free Fire was also the most viewed mobile game on YouTube in 2020. The game generated over 72 billion views on the platform last year alone. Free Fire esports scene too, which has broken all its spectator records several times, contributed to its immense success. The Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia peaked at 2,566,046 views. In fact, three of the top five esports tournaments of 2020 by peak viewership were Free Fire competitions, according to Esports Charts.

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