Four bullets and emptiness at GGPoker, FT with David Laka on EPT Online

By Ucatchers

This is online poker in 2020, two $ 25,000 tournaments in the same session because of the festivals that take place in the main operators.

Juan has in his hand to go green (WSOP)

Juan has in his hand to go green (WSOP)

The sign of the times in the new online poker.

The $ 25,000 tournaments, which a couple of years ago became essential to give prestige to a festival on the live circuit, have traveled the same path in online poker. The closure of the casinos has forced the High Rollers to turn their full attention to the digital realm, and the operators have shown their adaptability by giving them as much to do or more than when they were in the habit of leaving a packed suitcase next to the door .

Pokerstars and GGPoker, which are the biggest competitors in the “.com” jurisdiction in 2020, have two high buy-in event-based festivals underway. In the room of the red spade the EPT Online; in Asia, the High Roller Week -and the Battle of Malta-.

Coincidences of the destination or the counterprogramming, who knows, both festivals had their most expensive event coincide on the same day. Both Pokerstars and GGPoker opened registration for a $ 25,000 Super High Roller tournament yesterday.

Comparisons are always hateful, but they have asked for it. GGPoker has won with 114 registrations and a prize pool of $ 2,793,000. At Pokerstars, the record closed at 81 entries, which once the rake was subtracted, were insufficient to cover the guaranteed $ 2,000,000.

Several Spanish players took part in these tournaments. There were even two of them, Adrián Mateos and Juan Pardo, which were combined. His final investment coincided, $ 125,000, although the distribution and the results have been very different.

Adrian spent two innings in the HRW and three in the EPT, without winning any prize money. Juan also did not get results in HRW despite trying four different times; now, on the EPT he made it to the final table after a single down payment.

Juan’s presence at the final table is not the only good news of the tournament. There were more Spaniards at Pokerstars than at GGPoker, and although Vicent Boscá or Sergi Reixach stayed on the wrong side of the bubble, David Laka has also secured a prize of $ 62,353 and will be in contention for $ 539,819. that the winner will get. And it will be available for streaming on the Pokerstars Twitch channel!

We are going to have to push hard from a distance, because Laka starts in 7th place and Juan in 8th.

Sam greenwood, who you see shaded in the “bubble boy” position in the EPT $ 25K lineup, was the winner of the tournament at GGPoker.

The money for the first two prizes was distributed with Matthias Eibinger, both over $ 580,000. The podium was closed by American Samuel Hunter.

It is a shame not to be able to complement this chronicle with more good news in the EPT, but neither of the two Spaniards that we tried to leave blessed yesterday managed to reserve a seat in the final of the EPT Online 08 $ 2,100.

Day 2 was played by 14 applicants, Javier Gómez was the first eliminated from the game (14th, $ 7,161) and “deivid29” climbed a prize notch and there he also stayed (12th, $ 9,043).

The champion was the Belgian Bert Stevens “girafganger7” (1st, $ 87,983), which made a pact with “Pwndidi” and subsequently won the HU.

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