Fossao and Juanki try to keep up with Juan Pardo at GGPoker

By Ucatchers

New names are added to the good work of the Spanish in the Asian room. Juanki Vecino and David Tovar act as bodyguards for our star.

Juanki Neighbor [Foto: PokerNews]

Juanki Neighbor [Foto: PokerNews]

Holidays and the numerous family responsibilities that accumulate on these dates have greatly influenced the lack of good results from the Spanish in “.com”.

After the grapes, the first weekend of the year meant the return of many grinders to the tables, and in January it is a classic to start laying the foundations for a good year. The momentum has been kept alive on Monday night, especially in GGPoker, where the greatest fruits of this early push to EV have been harvested.

The indisputable lighthouse of La Roja in the early hours of 2021 is Juan Pardo, which has not been long in starting to accumulate final tables.

Yesterday he added two more, and in one of them he ended up occupying the first place. So that, He has been three of the four days of the year with victories under his belt.

  • January 4th. High Rollers Marathon win $ 840 ($ 17,652, 95 entries).
  • January 4th. 3rd at the WSOPC High Rollers $ 3,150 Blade Bounty King ($ 23,998, 49 entries).

Today, luckily, we can talk about two other players to stand out.

Juan was not the only one to close a tournament. “Fossao” was well at ease after dominating a field of 672 players in the Daily Special $ 125.

Luckily, the tournament almost doubled his $ 40,000 guarantee and David got a good slice of that bag, 11,434$, more than 91 buy-ins.

Juanki Vecino “4! 8! 15! 16! 23” He continues his banking challenge at GGPoker. Yesterday he gave it a little push with a second place in the High Rollers Main Event $ 1,050 ($ 11,902).

In the tournament there were 55 records, many belonging to the final bosses of the room, such as Andras Nemeth – Juanki’s executioner at the HU – Ami Barer, Bart Stevens or Jans Arends, and we are only naming those who entered the awards. Outside of the cast, the names were almost scarier.

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