Fortnite, a top team leaves: “there are no opportunities”

By Ucatchers

In 2018, TSMs invested heavily in Fortnite, securing some of the biggest names in battle royale, moving them to a gaming house and recruiting the best players on the market every year together with the hottest content creators. This week, i TSM have announced the release of their latest Fortnite players, effectively leaving the game. While the cash prizes for Epic Games’ flagship title remain high, with an increase of $ 3 million this year as we told you, the release of TSM highlights the lack of opportunities in the game for esports organizations and, perhaps more importantly, for their advertising partners.

In a live stream in April, the TSM president Leena Xu criticized Epic Games’ lack of communication, speculating that maybe the company simply “doesn’t believe in eSports” other than as a simple marketing tool for the game. To date, despite the massive prize pools, there has been virtually no sponsor activity for the official esports competitions. There is no revenue share or franchise structure / championship for the game. During the Fortnite World Cup 2019, to organizations it was not even allowed to show team sponsors on jerseys of their players.

Although the game still has the potential to create young millionaires among its biggest players, the opportunities for eSports organizations in Fortnite are extremely limited. Epic Games’ Battle Royale has established itself as a cultural monument and played an important role in the evolution of esports and gaming as a whole. However, the lack of supporting infrastructure of teams means that it offers little value to esports organizations or their brand partners as well as what they can draw from a popular influencer’s live streaming and social media channels.

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