Formula 1 Esports, a female-only qualifying course

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Formula 1

Formula 1 has announced plans for the F1 Esports Series Women’s Wildcard. A female-only qualification path in the Pro Exhibition. The F1 teams’ goal will be scouting for talent to add to their rosters for this year’s Pro Championship, which begins in the fall.

A novelty that will surely make all fans of engines and video games happy. In fact, just in these days, Formula 1 announced theF1 Esports Series Women’s Wildcard. Dedicated to women only, the program includes a dedicated route up to the landing at the Pro Exhibition. The goal is to discover talents for a fleet of drivers who will later supply the teams for the 2021 Pro Championship.

Female competitors have participated in other F1 Esports events in the past, but so far there have been no women competing in the professional ranks of the F1 Esports Series. With the introduction of the Women’s Wildcard, it is hoped that more women will be encouraged to compete in F1 Esports from an entry level. The goal is to see the first driver to be selected by an official F1 Esports team. Something new and unique. “The introduction of the F1 Esports Series Women’s Wildcard – says the board – follows the reaffirmed commitment to improve diversity and inclusion that Formula 1 has made as a part of the initiative. WeRaceAsOne for 2021 and beyond “.

The passion and skill level within the female sim-racing community is very high and this new addition in the frame of the Pro Exhibition 2021 can only enhance the show. “We will show – the words of Chase Carey, president and CEO of F1 – our full support in the fight against inequality in every environment and we will increase our efforts to make Formula 1 more diverse and open to all. As a global sport we have to represent the diversity and interests of our fans, but we also have to listen more and understand what needs to be done and move forward on that path ”.

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