Fnatic’s options to replace Rekkles

By Ucatchers

Fantic options with Rekkles departureFantic options with Rekkles departure

The This year’s transfer market is possibly the busiest in history with the output of figures as large as Perkz and Rekkles by G2 and Fnatic respectively. In turn, the Swedish shooter is likely to change his shirt for his eternal rival, G2.

The only thing certain in life is change.

After an incredible career in the black and orange, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has decided to move on from Fnatic.

The next time we meet, we meet as opponents. See you on the Rift, @ RekklesLoL.https: //t.co/jmpCZIn33O

– FNATIC (@FNATIC) November 18, 2020

But nevertheless, Fnatic is now at a crossroads to see who will be chosen to replace the Swedish legend for next season and above all to know if it will be up to the task. That is why we will give the players who are most likely to reach the English team.

Crownshot would be the most viable option

As soon as the signings that are most likely to come true are two Europeans. The first and most likely is Juš «Crownshot» Marušič, a shooter for SK Gaming last season and currently without a team. The Slovenian AD Carry has left very good highlights last season of LEC with characters like Ezreal or Aphelios.

Thank you for being a part of the first two years of our @LEC journey, @CrownshotLoL!

From a promising rookie to a team leader and Twitch chat’s favorite widepeepoHappy player, it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow. We wish you nothing but the best going forward! pic.twitter.com/ANSxuX2u4y

– SK Gaming (@SKGaming) November 16, 2020

Further, We would once again have the duo that fell in love with many people in Spain and later in LEC with Crownshot himself and Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek. These two players have shared a dressing room twice and it would not be unreasonable to think that they will meet again at Fnatic.

Upset is also in the Fnatic deck

Another option that can be adapted to the European team is Elias «Upset» Lipp from Origin. Like Crownshot, the German is currently without equipment and there are several clubs that want it. Furthermore, his game may coincide with the Fnatic and Rekkles philosophy of playing more passively and calmly as the Swedish shooter did.

However, The German seems to be very close to what was his home for a long time: Schalke 04. If Fnatic wants to bet on him, they will have to leave a good amount of money in the contract so that Upset wears yellow and black.

An option that does not seem entirely viable but It could be a bombshell for the European region is the signing of Korean Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu. The Korean shooter has ended his contract at DragonX and if Fnatic puts a very good amount of money on the table it could add even more to the craziness of this transfer market.

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