Fnatic’s challenge to win the World Cup favorite

By Ucatchers

Fnatic vs Top Esports WorldsFnatic vs Top Esports Worlds

Next Saturday the first tie in which a European plays the Worlds semifinal pass: Fnatic vs Top Esports. While the Chinese start as clear favorites, never give up the Rekkles since during the last games played they have left good feelings and the goal can help them in this match.

Fnatic will try to add to its World Cup book eliminating the top favorite (with DAMWON) and make history again in the Worlds, as it happened during other years in 2017 in the group stage and 2018 reaching the World Cup finals against Invictus Gaming. Remember that Top Esports has only lost one game to FlyQuest in the group stage.

A favorable Worlds goal for Fnatic

If there is something that makes us dream of Fnatic’s victory, it is the current goal, which greatly favors the English team today. He passive play of Rekkles and Nemesis It is perfect for the champions who are currently stronger like Orianna in the midlane or a Senna that has given very good results for the Swedish shooter.

On the other hand is Selfmade, which from what we have seen during the group stage has given us hope that the Pole totally dominates the jungle and, together with BwipoLead the entire team forward during the first few minutes of play. The Belgian toplaner has also given very good feelings with different champions and this tie can completely eliminate the doubts that there were about him.

Top Esports in search of the Chinese dynasty in Worlds

He LPL Summer Season Winner He wants to make a mark in these Worlds and leave his region on top of the world as has happened for the last two years. The group stage has already left us the intentions that the Chinese team has in these World Cups, with an aggressive and spectacular League of Legends.

The Karsa connection with Knight has been crucial to the Chinese victories in the group stage, alongside the aggressiveness of 369 in the top lane. further JackeyLove knows perfectly how the meta works And wait long enough in his line that when he comes out, he’s a killer machine.

JackeyLove vs Rekkles, history repeats itself

If there is something we want to see especially in this tie, it is the bottom lane duel between Rekkles and JackeyLove, which have not been seen since the final lost by the Europeans. In fact, the Chinese shooter has already heated up the tie against Fnatic making “jokes” about the meeting between the two during the final in 2018 in which JackeyLove swept the English club.

We will also have a generational duel in the jungle, since we will see a confrontation between veteran Karsa and Rookie Selfmade. Both arrive with scandal numbers, with the Taiwanese as the player with the best KDA of the tournament and being the jungle that dies the least in the world. On the other hand we have the Polish jungle, who although their numbers are not so surprising, is being transcendental in their team.

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