Fnatic signs Nisqy to replace Nemesis

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Fnatic already has its midlaner. Finally the arrival of Nisqy to the British set is confirmed after being released with the arrival of PerkZ to Cloud9. And it is that PerkZ’s desire to return to its original position has shaken the entire market in the elite.

In principle, the Croatian player was the first choice for Fnatic. However, G2 Esports was not willing to let one of the best players in that position go to the eternal rival. For this, PerkZ’s path has been towards NA and caused Nisqy’s exit from Cloud9. A Nisqy that according to rumors would have been the express request of Rekkles to cover the midlane at Fnatic.

Nisqy already knows Fnatic and Fnatic knows Nisqy

The Belgian midlaner is an old acquaintance in Europe. He went through the Fnatic quarry in 2016. Splyce noticed him and did an excellent role alongside Xerxe and Kobbe. Cloud9 would be his next destination where the Belgian who brings with him the LCS Summer Split 2020 title has not fared badly.

From Fnatic they convey that he can be the perfect player to fit the rest of the puzzle pieces. Dardo himself has emphasized Nisqy’s ability to enable and assist his peers something that can especially enhance Selfmade’s carry role in the jungle and that it has performed so well over the past season.

Hyped about bringing @Nisqylol on-board. He has the personality, the experience, the style and the skill level we need.

When I think on him I can’t only think on the solo-laner but on how he’s going to enable the rest of our team. The whole team are very aligned on this 🧡🖤 https://t.co/LSRPQQtLvW

– Javier Zafra (@dardo_lol) November 24, 2020

We will have to wait to see if the signing meets expectations, although, a priori, the starting five would be worse than last year with the loss of Rekkles. Perhaps Upset – the best placed in the pools – can do a good job. But one thing is for sure in team sports the sum is greater than all its parts individually. If this roster curdles it can present battle in LEC.

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