Fnatic bets on the charismatic YamatoCannon to lead the team

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Fnatic bets on the charismatic YamatoCannon to lead the team

One of the most charismatic and recognizable coaches on the scene returns to the League of Legends European Championship. YamatoCannon has been chosen to command Fnatic’s ship and face the challenges presented by the 2021 season. A season that will be quite a challenge as the British team said goodbye to Rekkles in this same market.

YamatoCannon is challenged to get a broken Fnatic back on track. A team that has faced important changes with the arrival of Nisqy and the departure of Rekkles. Also the internal climate does not seem to be suitable and that is something where the Swedish coach will have to roll up his sleeves from day one.

YamatoCannon comes to Fnatic with a long history despite his young age

The Swedish coach is only 24 years old. Despite his young age, he has already gone through several teams since since he began in 2015 he has not stopped working in different organizations. He started at Meet Your Makers, went on to train at ROCCAT, later he went to Splyce and, in 2016, he managed to get them into Worlds.

Although, without a doubt, his best year was 2018 with a Team Vitality to which he knew how to grease the pieces to get a fourth place in spring and a third in summer after a very good regular season. He also almost got Vitality into Worlds quarters, but finally it could not be.

His last season in Europe was not the best. Neither the form of the players nor the additions to the squad improved what that Worlds Team Vitality achieved. After said year to forget, left the LCK with SANDBOX where he has not achieved the results he expected either.

An experienced coach for a difficult situation

The Swedish coach is a coach who knows how to deal with the players. It is not an easy task since training goes beyond knowing the game, you have to know how to handle a template. In Fnatic all this is gigantic, many roosters in the same pen looking for its part of prominence and there it enters a YamatoCannon who has the experience to order the chicken coop. Although surely the arrival of Nisqy helps a lot to a team that had been greatly eroded by the attitude of Nemesis according to rumors.

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