Find out why Juanki Vecino, MrKloutt, donacionesSL, Javier Gómez and roberdb92 made the news this weekend on .com

By Ucatchers

GGpoker has become the room where the best results for Spanish players in exile are concentrated.



The pages that monitor the traffic of online poker rooms continue to give a notable advantage to Pokerstars at the forefront of the industry. The cash tables are the ones that mark this trend that has lasted for a decade, although according to what is seen each week, if the data collection were restricted to visits to the tournament lobby, the gap was not that great.

One more week, and it has been a constant in 2021, we find better results and more activity from Spanish players in GGPoker MTTs than in Pokerstars.

To show a button. At Pokerstars, perhaps the most immediate is congratulate “roberdb92” for reaching the most expensive cash tables in the room. PS’s NL5000 continues to be the one that grants the sport’s seal of excellence.

Since we’ve come this far, let’s go for them

– roberdb92 (@pgroberto) February 6, 2021

Upgrade: “MrKloutt” has won the Bounty Builder $ 109 (1st, $ 31,906) which ended at 4am on Monday morning. It is clear that we have not wasted the entire weekend at Pokerstars.

In the other lobby, a little to work with. Juan Pardo, Undoubtedly the number 1 in La Roja tournaments -especially in 2021-, he is the only one that has been seen by a renowned final table in the red spade room. “Malaka $ tyle” was sticking to the end with “RaiseUpBlind” and the Hungarian Peter Traply “Belabacsi” for taking the only five-figure prize that the 87 participants of the event had managed to collect. High Roller Club 530 $ Sunday Marathon. He finally fell to third place, with a prize of $ 6,197

Luckily, with what has happened in the Asian room, there is plenty to make a vibrant review of current punctures. Many classics, and some new nicknames, have earned their place in the news for obtaining a prominent win or surpassing $ 10,000 in prize money in a single tournament.

Malaka himself, unable to boast of a great session, got a couple of those:

  • 5th in the High Rollers Marathon $ 840 (186 players, $ 10,405)
  • 7th in the High Rollers Blade Prime $ 2,625 (81 players, $ 10,680). In this same tournament, Adrián Mateos was eighth, with a couple of thousand dollars of penalty per position.

Better EV than Juan’s was Javier Gomez, which played fewer tournaments and entries a little tighter .. Even so, the prize ladder rose a little point with a second place of 159 players in the Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special $ 840. His check was for $ 12,104.

We continue to improve in performance, with a new nick for the list. The streamer Javier Fernández “donationsSL” offered the best content on its channel this past Sunday by sneaking into the final table of one of the best tournaments on the weekly calendar of the room, the Global MILLION $ of $ 108, which guarantees one kilo after a whole week of qualifiers.

The first step Javier took was to win one of the 1,407 invitations to participate in the final, a process that has already cost many of the tournament’s 9,147 enrolled. Then it was time to make a hole between the 1,000 players with the right to a prize and, finally, to consolidate the eighth position that gives him his best GGPoker prize to date, $ 15,030, almost half of the prizes registered for your account by virtue of consulting the operator’s official results page.

On this inverse scale that we have proposed to you today, the last will be the first, as in the biblical parable.

There is no doubt that Juanki Vecino “4! 8! 15! 16! 23” is the one who tries the most. The summary of his last 100 results does not cover all the tournaments that the Andalusian plays during the weekend.

– Juanki (@ juanki9605) January 17, 2021

This week, luckily, one of the upper part of the buy-in range that he includes in his MTT challenge for the eastern operator has hit him. Juanki won the Sunday High Rollers Fifty Stack $ 500, which also attracts a large field of 397 players.

“B4NKR0LL3R” left behind in the top10 some nobody like Ike Haxton, Juan Pardo, Jon Proudfoot or Anatoli Filatov and played the quarters with the American Carlos Chadha. The prize ladder in this tournament is not very steep, but the difference between coming out alive from heads-up or going down on the knee was more than $ 8,000. Neighbor prevailed and collected the champion’s $ 33,695 in full.

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