FIFA Esport 2020

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Hello, Wincatchers readers. Welcome to a new review on our esport section. In this opportunity we are going to speak of one of the most important sports ever: soccer, the king of sports. And as true king, FIFA esport 2020 is one of the most soccer representative franchise in this world, full of magic, emotion and excitement. If you love mass sports you can also read our review on NBA K20, another gigantic esport title to try, enjoy and bet on.

FIFA Franchise

Even though FIFA was first released in 1993, it was in the waiting room of game producers until computers became good enough to power games. And it is understandable, soccer is by far a passion of many and they need to be sure of providing an adequate product.

One of the most noticeable characteristics is the combination of different soccer modes in the same franchise. Thus, regular soccer, beach soccer and also futsal are all included in this title under the FIFA license, that stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association.

For some years, its growing popularity was unrival, until 2001, when the producer Konami appeared into the scenario with another giant soccer title:  Pro Evolution Soccer. Since then, a strong rivalry has emerged between the two famous companies, first as video games producers and then as esport games producers also.

As we stated before, due to a big investment and an immense always-raising popularity, FIFA now can support online leagues of all standard, with unparallel graphics, gameplay and several in-options that allow players to feel they are in the real football-soccer life, as you can play as a soccer player in the different soccer versions or even perform a manager role of your own team.

Undoubtely, FIFA is one of the most popular esport game in the planet and, as a consequence of this, betting markets are opened in the whole world regarding  this amazing console game. There are online casinos where you can bet on the game and also different events that take place every year to gather the best players of the world and make them compete.

FIFA Esport Events

FIFA esports includes a growing number of  the professional football-soccer leagues from different regions of the world. Not only leagues take part of the online digital version, now you can also find the strawberry at the top of the cake: the tal version of the World Cup. Let’s see some FIFA esports events that were set to be played in 2020.

FIFA Eworld Cup 2020

The FIFA eWorld Cup was played in February, from 07 to 09 and gather the best FIFA players from all over the world after a five stage online qualifying process. The FIFA eWorld Cup had one of the biggest prize pools ever, almost USD $500,000!

EMLS – Special Edition

The e-Major League Soccer combines the North American esports football-soccer competition with the FIFA franchise. It took place from April 19 to May 21 and this year featured three new teams: Austin FC, Nashville SC and LAFC, so now there are 25 teams!


FIFA Esports Leagues

In the recent years, FIFA has promoted an initiative the launching of Major League Soccer’s eSport Competition. A brillant decision, to boost also the sport. Apart from that, in 2019 was also created the PL, English Premier esport League. So, now you can have access from different regions and enjoy two really important soccer leagues.

But those leagues do not stand alone. The list of the FIFA eSport Leagues includes also the A-League (Australia), e-Bundesliga (Germany), e-Ligue (France), e-Divisie (Netherlands) and e-La Liga (Spain).

What is more, there is one tournament ruled by FIFA called FIFA Global Series, and last but not least, since 2018 there is one of the most important events in soccer in the world, the e-Champions League, that was announced two yeras ago by the UEFA. So, you can play with the best teams of the world.

How to Bet on FIFA Esport 2020

As the popularity is reaaly big ad also the expectations, you can look for the best online bookmakers or casinos where you can bet on this esport. Luckily, it is going to be hard, as soccer is part of the life of many players, so you should only be focused on the betting process.

About betting, we encourage you to read statistics and make analysis before start betting. Bear in mind that things can change in one second but, if you have a lotof recent past information, your betting risk decrease. So, pay attention to the next info before placing your bets.

  • Analysis of the las 5 matches
  • Last match as rivals
  • Performance of the player in the season
  • Goal difference on the last 5 matches

As you see, this esport gives you an amazing opportunity to be part of the most popular sport and the excitement of betting. You should give it a try. We hope you liked our review on FIFA. If you are an esport fan, you can also read our review on World of Tanks, an impressive game with tanks and lots of action.

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