EzPaTuLa gave us yesterday the first Hispanic heads-up in SCOOP 2021 (2nd, $ 57,121)

By Ucatchers

ZeroS was at the same final table as David, the FT of ¿tonecho ?? and que_te_crio. and Ramón Colillas closed the shortlist of finalists last morning.

First final tables

First final tables

The long-awaited first Spanish victory in the Spring Championship of Poker Online from Pokerstars.com.

EzPaTuLa“He was only one elimination away from getting it in the SCOOP.-15-H $ 2,100, a freezeout that started and ended in a seated soila and that moved 184 occurrences.

In this same tournament, the first final table of Elías Gutiérrez “SinKarma”, that during these last three days it is beating all the marks of Twitch when it comes to streaming poker in Castilian Spanish. Until these series, its record of spectators was 3,000, and it has averaged 6,000 since the festival’s tournaments began.

Yesterday, ZeroS gave the audience an eighth place, with the first prize of figures of the festival, $ 11,898.

David stayed a little longer, and he played heads-up against Brazilian Bruno Volkmann, who personally handled the last four eliminations of the tournament. Kicking David cost him work, the leadership changed hands several times. The Spaniard ended up trusting his last points to a mega-flush and open straight on the turn, but the out he needed didn’t appear on the river ($ 51,121).

Juan Pardo “Malaka $ tyle” could not be dazzled by the lights of a FT, as he was eliminated in 10th place in the $ 10,300 High Roller bearing the 13-H label ($ 26,615).

Another double final table that we had secured was that of the SCOOP-04-H PKO $ 2,100, lasting three days.

Only the shortstack could improve its previous classification Javi Fernández “que_te_crio”, who climbed a notch and opened the tournament’s five-figure prize box (8th, $ 17,302).

Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??” He successfully defended fifth place, but could not improve it. He received a reward of 48,760$. They were overtaken by the Russian “veeeea” and Aliaksei Boika, and the final duel was between the British, in which Andy Wilson “BowieEffect” defeated Ludovic Geilich “ludovi333”.

In the tournaments that dragged on Monday, to complete the review of the final tables, we are going to look at the SCOOP-08, both in its medium and high level.

In SCOOP-08-M $ 530, Ramón Colillas won the Team Pros match against “Spraggy”, with whom he shared a FT bubble. Only Ramón came to the unified table, but he did not survive him for long and made his exit in eighth place ($ 12,296). The final table could be followed on Jargo Alaväli’s “bungakat” stream, which broadcast his victory in the event.

But what we were all attentive to was the postponed final table for which he had qualified Vicent Boscá “gordon0410”, who watched many of his rivals from above perched on the provisional third place of the SCOOP-08-H $ 5,200.

In what has certainly been the game with the most superstars per square meter of the festival so far, Vicent gave up positions to Mikita Badziakouski and Sam Greenwood, and slipped to the sixth final position ($ 45,562).

The tournament went to Finn Samuel Vousden “€ urop € an” ($ 177,176), who beat Matthias Eibinger head to head.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 08-L $ 55: Julián Pineda “julianpineda” (Colombia, $ 81,548). Field: 12,774 records.
  • SCOOP # 10-M 8-Max PKO 109 $: “Fenryr03” (Moldova, $ 47,660). Field: 5,012 records. Better Spanish: “gf0rcall“(47th, $ 615).
  • SCOOP # 10-H 8-Max PKO $ 1,050: Thiago Cream “KKremate” (Brazil, $ 75,115). Field: 493 records. Better Spanish: “Toneecho ??“(10th, $ 6,032).
  • SCOOP # 16-H Turbo Win The Button $ 1,050: “Leqenden” (Belarus, $ 50,964). Field: 267 records. Better Spanish: “srxakgirone“(14th, $ 4,497).

Day 2 (Spaniards at stake):

  • SCOOP # 11-H 8-Max PKO $ 530 (49 players / 988): “que_te_crio“(36º).
  • SCOOP # 13-M Super Tuesday $ 1,050 (104 players / 873): “Amadi_017“(52º),”Egurre4U!“(68º),”gordon0410“(79th)
  • SCOOP # 14-H PLO $ 1,050 (47 players / 375): “EzPaTuLa“(3rd)”Without Karma“(44º),”Toneecho ??“(45º),”manuverd0n“(54º).

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