Export to Italy needs more Ivan Grieco

By Ucatchers

Ivan Grieco

These are hectic days for esports in the shadow of the Colosseum. The organizational machine that will lead to the debut of the new one e Series A TIM be on FIFA 21 than on eFootball PES 2021 has officially left. Thus, while the teams complete the staff with the Draft, PG Esports and Infront Sports & Media AG are finalizing the final preparations in view of March.

In the last few hours, however, the issue related to the casters of the next eSerie A is holding the ground. To uncover Pandora’s box, Ivan Grieco. Better known as Rampage, Ivan is one of the leading figures of our local esports. Caster of Call of Duty and beyond, has commented on the vast majority of Italian events and has always collaborated closely with rather important realities. From Serie A teams up Melagoodo, to name two above all. A respectable curriculum, the result of an experience gained in the field when video games and esports were not in the least trendy.

Do you know why export to Italy will always remain a niche for the few? Because a simple but fundamental component is missing. The professionalism. In Italy they even forget to warn that they replaced you as Caster of the eSerie A, despite previous verbal agreements

– Ivan Grieco (@Rampageinthebox) February 2, 2021

Well, Rampage on Twitter has indulged in a little vent that once again certifies that this movement is still under construction. “Do you know why export – reads the tweet – in Italy will always remain a niche for the few? Because a simple but fundamental component is missing. The professionalism. In Italy they even forget to warn that they have replaced you as Caster of eSerie A, despite previous verbal agreements “. Verba volant, scripta manent. Nothing more true, we all agree on this, but from Lega Serie A, Infront or the PGE itself we expect a little different behavior.

We don’t want to go into the merits of the choice, as well as we don’t feel compelled to criticize who has decided to focus on the qualities of other commentators. Everyone makes their own assessments, perhaps even from the point of view cheap. Deontologically speaking, however, what happened to Ivan Grieco is an unacceptable treatment. Communication, in any field, is nowadays one of the first pillars of professionalism. How can we think that exports to Italy can grow and approach European standards if fundamental components such as the professionalism?

And here we break through an already open door. Since in addition to professionalism, in some cases there is also a lack of professionals. The lack of effective communication is a problem that must be solved, perhaps even with greater consideration of the sector publications. In the era of exports on the pages of giants such as Gazzetta dello Sport and TuttoSport, you can’t just limit yourself to posts on social media. It is a pity to pass events or manifestations on the sly. It is not encouraged in any way organizations to invest and esports will always remain for the few.

Having made this necessary overview, which is only the tip of the iceberg, we believe that professionals such as Ivan Grieco remain very important figures for the growth of the movement and for future generations. Cornerstones on which to continue to focus on experience and extreme competence. Over the years, Rampage has been able to broaden its horizons. On its Twitch channel it covers many topics ranging from current affairs to politics to entertainment. In fact, he is a well-rounded journalist, but above all, we repeat, he is a professional who deserves to be recognized as such, and to be treated with respect. His outburst was calm, respectful, but firm. Another example of professionalism on his part. Here, if there is one thing that esports need most of all, in Italy, it is this: esports in Italy need more Ivan Grieco.

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