EUMasters: Karmine champion on and off the Rift

By Ucatchers

The Karmine Corp win the European Masters trophy by beating the British BT Excel 3-1: it is the third trophy for France.

Misfits Premier at Spring 2019, LDLC at Spring 2020 and now Karmine Corp at Spring 2021: the Spring Split of the European Masters, the most important European League of Legends competition after LEC and a hotbed of talents, for three years it has been the prerogative of France and the representatives of its ERL. The LFL, the French league which since 2020 is the only regional league that has adopted the franchising model, shows that it has grown more and more over time and has now established itself as the most important in Europe.

Karmine Corp reached the final of the European Masters after an almost clear path: six wins out of six games in the group, 2-1 against SaimSe SuppUp in the quarterfinals and 2-1 against Ucam in the semifinals. Then the final against BT Excel, the first British team, representative of the NLC, to reach the final act of the European Masters. Despite the victory in the first game, however, the defeat suffered in the second led the Excel academy to let go mentally after being very close to 2-0. More solidity, more wickedness was perhaps the real strength of the Karmine Corp who, with a score of 3-1, won the trophy.

The numbers, incredible, the Karmine Corp have also reached them in streaming. Each of their games marked one record after another, until the final which registered a peak of 345,000 spectators for Game 4, the last and final that awarded the title to KC. The real peculiarity, however, is that 300,000 of these viewers, 80%, were actually all on the French channel of the live broadcast on Otplol, demonstrating the great affection enjoyed by the French team, whose owners are two of the streamers and most followed youtubers in France: Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and Amine “Prime” Mekri. A little as if today, in Italy, a figure like Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli founded his own esports team, managing to involve all his huge community as spectators.

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